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Justin Medlock has made just 9 of his last 15 field goal attempts. Trending the wrong way late in the season.

$185K Money :-\

And I think the “bring back Medlock” crowd got silenced long ago. Maher did a decent job last season - maybe not quite as good a season as JM had - but Castillo (until his unfortunate injury) was doing a MUCH job for a lot less $$$$. I do hope he is able to return to form next season - although probably not until at least Labour Day. In the meantime here’s hoping that Kenny Allen can pin the opponents deep and keep those FGs and PATs between the uprights!

I am not sure why but one area this team has always been fortunate with is kicker. Maybe influence by Paul Osbaldison?

Medlock is the goat today. And that’s not the acronym. Missed a last Second field goal for the win.

I, for one, really want to hear from the “we should have re-signed him at any cost? crowd.

;DMoney ?? Money this !!! ;D

I wanted him back . He is definitely in a slump right now but that comes with the game . It is a long season and the clubs get heavier, the wind gets stronger and colder, and the putts stop falling . Different game but same slump . Austin clearly made the wise choice realizing that the cap demands often influence the roster .
Given the full season (almost), Castillo has been solid and hopefully returns healthy next year but ACLs are tough . Ask Andy and Zac .

Resigning the best kicker in the league was not an outrageous hope for the Cats but cap wisdom prevailed and I mustadmit that Austin and Tillmanare a whole lot smarter than I am . Mea maxima culpa !

A praise management post...I like it!!

Unfortunately, I wouldn't expect Castillo to be ready until the 2019 season. We've seen that it takes virtually a year (ie: Zach and Andy) for a football player to recover, rehab, and get into game shape after an ACL tear. The thing with a kicker is that Sergio tore the ACL on his kicking leg. He needs to get that leg both back up to the strength he had, as well as the EXTENSION (ie: range of motion) he had. That's also assuming that there are no complications with his recovery (torn meniscus, patella tendon issues, other ligaments in his knee) - I speak from experience.

If he had injured his planting leg, it would still take the same amount of time, but that leg needs to take the incredible stresses of stopping, holding him up, and the torque required to start and continue the kicking motion.

Rather ironic that Medlock as the Ticats kicker knocked the Argos out of the playoffs (EDSF) 2 years ago by nailing a last second FG. Yesterday (Saturday) he put the Argos into first place - even if temporarily - by missing his last second FG! Ricky Ray had a HUGE smile when Medlock missed the FG - wonder if he was remembering that incident 2 years ago at THF?

By the way Pat Lynch, Medlock was kicking under adverse conditions in TO yesterday (maybe a bit of crosswind) and overall most games have been played under pretty balmy conditions this fall - even out west. And weather sure didn't affect him last season. Guess JM's just dealing with a slump.

What is the possibility that his career is over? I find it hard to believe that he will return to 100% of the power he had in his leg.

I wanted Medlock back too(but not at any price)... Maher was a disappointment... Castillo an unexpected surprise - much success and a great work ethic... so far Kenny Allen is looking good. However, no cap wisdom shown by Austin or Tillman in regards to Collaros' contract.

I was one of those who was concerned for our kicking talent when Medlock went elsewhere.

But management here, EACH time since has found an answer.

I don't miss Medlock anymore.

Probably because their red zone TD percentages are low and therefore kickers get lots of opportunities for field goals.

So let's see if I can summarize, with a series of statements that should be self-evident at this point:

  1. Medlock was awesome when he was here, especially as a FG kicker.
  2. We (fans) all wanted him to stay if possible.
  3. The existence of a salary cap means team mgmt must make choices, and cannot simply sign every player for any price they ask.
  4. Medlock had an offer from Winnipeg that was higher than the Ticats were willing to pay.
  5. Therefore mgmt chose not to match or beat the WPG offer, and instead sought another kicker.
  6. Maher was decent last year, thought not as good as Medlock, but came at a much lower price.
  7. Presumably that allowed the team to allocate salary cap space on other players.
  1. Castillo was even better this year than Medlock, and again, at a much lower price.
  1. Allen is shaping up to be a fine replacement.
  2. The departure of Medlock has not been a major factor in our fall from grace. (I actually paid attention in 2016, and there were no losses resulting from missed FGs.)

And here is the big conclusion, which follows logically from all of the above:

11) The decision to move on from Medlock was a viable business decision that is part of the CFL reality. That decision alone does not prove incompetence or malice on the part of team mgmt. And it has not hurt us. In fact, overall it may have helped us due to the reallocation of cap space elsewhere.

Now, big picture, that extra cap space may not have been used wisely, but that's another story. This post relates to the Medlock saga specifically.