Money Medlock S.T. Player of week

Our own Justin Medlock is Special Teams player of the week, well deserved!

"Hamilton kicker Justin Medlock connected on all seven of his field goal attempts, and is rewarded with Special Teams Player of the Week for his efforts. Medlock connected from distances of 19, 44, 42, 48, 47, 29 and 35 yards out, as well as three converts. The kicker accounted for over half of Hamilton’s points in their 42-10 win over the Lions."

Nice that he gets the recognition…well deserved indeed! :thup:

:cowboy: :thup: 8)

Congratulation to JM I think he has a deal if the NFL comes a knocking hes a walking, fortunately we have a very good young leg waiting in the wings. :thup:

Congrats to him. Well deserved.

Too bad Mariuz got robbed.

The MVP of the team this year is Medlock.

The man is beyond consistent.

Who wouldn't love to see JM kick the winning field goal in the dying seconds of a GC game? :rockin:

I'd rather see him kicking the winning field goal in the opening minutes. Or better yet, scoring eight or more points with none coming from field goals or routes because he didn't attempt any field goals or have any punts. And in that case, I wouldn't care which Ticat player scores the winning points, as long as it is a Ticat player.

I believe it was during the last game on TSN, that I heard one of the commentators say that this is the final year of Medlock's contract and that he will be a free agent at the end of the season.

So he could be off to the NFL.

A MAJOR project for Obie.

Congrats to Justin. A well deserved reward for him after a very fine week of kicking.

Yes, he will probably be gone. I remember in Ottawa they had a guy named Lawrence Tynes, left the Renegades in the final year and he's still kicking for the Giants.

Congrats to him for sure and all the best to him if lands in the NFL.

Congrats to Justin Money.

I've said it before, whichever NFL team signs him will automatically become my favourite and I will make every attempt to watch their games (as long as it doesn't conflict with a CFL game)). We've seen greatness in this town many times, now we get to watch that greatness go on to bigger things.

PS. If for some reason we are able to re-sign him I will be even more pleased. (Not likely but one can dream). :thup:

If Medlock goes to the NFL, we do have Josh Maveety on the practice roster. He has been considered something of a long-term project. I understand that he has leg strength, and I figure the coaching staff thinks he has potential. I don't think we'd use up a practice roster spot for him if he did not.

Here is an article with information on Maveety: ... n-cfl.html

And here is an older, but still interesting article on him: ... n-one.html