Money available; TSN / Sportsnet lose EPL

Does anybody else think that the fact TSN and Sportsnet lost the EPL that there is suddenly millions of dollars available.

I recognize the seasons are different but by any unbiased measure the CFL ratings are way better are they not?

I do not pretend to know what they paid but it could bring a major boost to the CFL and also CFLPA maybe??

R.A. should be asking/ seeing if TSN wants to up their deal which in turn could really help the salary cap and fend off the AAFL, XFL etc etc…

If Sportsnet now wants in then why not see what they have to say?

Attention USports, football especially make a call or two and who knows.

What say you my friends?

Merry Christmas to all!


Sorry Rev. but I had to Google EPL to find out what it stood for. Soccer isn’t really my thing . The CFL and TSN have been successful partners for years while Sportsnet and Cdn U Football is an unmitigated disaster . I’d love to see TSN cover both CFL and U Football.

The “devil” will be in the details . Do you see what I did there Rev. ? A little liturgical humour.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Don’t you think they will be needing to fill those lost spots?


How about : darts, full contact curling, dogs dancing with the stars, 4 dimensional chess, and my favourite would be topless octogenarian lawn bowling . :wink:

It is, after all, a wide, wide world of sports in which we live . Maybe Arash Madani could host all the broadcasts .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Well done Pat, lol.

I saw last night that apparently TSN has jumped further into the MMA arena signing a new deal.

I am not a soccer fan, it’s like watching paint dry to me and MMA is absolutely pointless to me but there are tons of people who love both of those things.

I realize as well that for some people the idea of football and in particular the Canadian version thereof is not something they like but I believe from a TV perspective ratings are king and in Canada it is hockey then the CFL as has been pointed out here on our forum repeatedly.

Therefore, I would think that a business any business would most obviously want to get the best bang for their buck which means the NHL then the CFL in Canada.

Having said that, the recent Grey Cup ratings are a major concern being down so much. Well Coach Dickerson was rightfully chastised for saying Canadians are sick of Calgary winning. The resulting ratings showed he was right.

Let’s hope that TSN wants to use some of the former EPL money to enhance the CFL through their rights fee which will benefit the league and also TSN as a result.

That’s my hope anyway,


There’s only one Premier League. To put English in front is redundant.
It’s like saying CCFL.

I thought the E was for European. Shows how much I know about soccer .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

i mean, there’s the scottish premier league too… but…

For lack of devising their own name and to lend itself some prestige that Premier League evokes.

Don’t know why media does this. You call the league what it calls itself. Its not like people who follow the sport would be confused.

Premier League is English. Serie A is Italian, La Liga Spanish. Etc.

And yet if you call the Open Championship the British Open they lose it.

I’m not convinced that Sportsnet or TSN were paying a lot for the EPL for what the property is. I mean, yes it is the best domestic soccer league in the world, but the games are on early in the morning, they don’t benefit from being local content and there is only so much to be made on late night repeats of games.

Not only that, there’s not a lot of growth potential in the EPL from a ratings perspective in my eyes. I mean, it’s hard to attract fans to teams that they can never go and see, and have to wake up early to catch them live. I think both see MLS and possible the CanPL in the mid-term future as likely it is a cheaper price tag of which you can build a better local presence over time, or grabbing a mixed bag of La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga games, and of course the ever mighty UEFA Champion’s League to supplement international play.

I think more likely is that DAZN overpayed for the rights, but I suspect part of that might be to crack down on bars showing games, as they don’t offer a commercial stream yet.

We should probably chastise all these other Premier leagues too, including those that predate the English Premier League, or our own Canadian Premier League coming down the pipe.

DAZN over pays for rights because they have an unlimited supply of money even though their product is absolutely garbage. They subleased the NFL back to telcos this season after last year was a complete disaster.

Expect them to try and get into the CFL game.

Just so we’re clear…Does this mean there will be less soccer on TV that I won’t be watching or care about? ? ?

Bravo Welder, well done! Bingo!

Yes, congratulations on…not watching soccer?

You guys sure are proud of some strange things around here.

Don’t even get me started…

Well I guess we can cue the marching band because sharing is what you do. ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old person)

I should clarify this because I do watch soccer…

If I want to take a nap. Some of the best sleep you’ll ever get!!!