Monday's trim-down

Kind of surprising they cut Verdon?

A little bit. But we likely still have a dozen+ d-linemen under contract. I still like williams at tackle. Chunky will likely get a good nights sleep though.

I am unhappy that Bake and Verdon are gone before camp. Our d-line was nothing short of terrible last year! Reducing the number of players in camp will certainly decrease the competition. I would really like to see the riders try someone else at Chunky's spot and move kitwana back to LB now that Llyod is gone. I thought Verdon filled in nicely for Chunky when he was out with an injury last season. Oh well I just hope that they bring someone else in before camp or this could be another bad year for the riders pass rush.

Oh for sure.

I didn't think Bake got the job done. At least he wasn't as good as Verdun, so if Verdun is gone....? But as I indicated, we have at least 12 guys that should be at camp, so there will in fact be competition. The only guy of the 12 that I am unsure of is Stadnyk, who may be waiting for the NFL draft before signing a contract, or he may have signed and we haven't announced it yet. And there could be other signings between now and TC. But when you only have 68 TC spots, you need to make some tough decisions.

Thanks. Echoed my thoughts exactly.

Was listening to Newstalk 650, and the impression I got was Verdon and/ or Bake could have their contracts re-worked and be back for training camp. Cap reasons...maybe?

Nice to see the emotional attachment between Henri Childs and management is done with.

Luc Mullinder and scott shultz would be a good inside d-line and on the ends John chick, and either Seante Williams or Joe Skyes.
And i would move Kitwana Jones to Mac and Lucas at Sam and Reanauld Williams at Will.