Mondays matchup

cant wait for Monday!!

total offence (YPG)
2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 404.3
3. Toronto Argonauts 377.8

passing per game
2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 315.8
3. Toronto Argonauts 294.3

rushing per game
6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 88.5
7. Toronto Argonauts 83.5

2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 319.0
6. Toronto Argonauts 369.8

Passing per game
3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 247.0
5. Toronto Argonauts 280.8

rushing per game
2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats 72.0
5. Toronto Argonauts 89.0

pretty even.

the Arhols better not be the team to end our win streak, that is unacceptable!!!

Pretty even, yes. But, one team wins in every category!!
On your second statement, Ryan, unacceptable indeed!!

i know its still a bit early but whens the last time we have seen a Hamilton team in just about the top 3 in every category :thup: :thup: :thup:

I would like to replace the pregame Oski chant with the Argos suck chant just this one time...ok twice once for Labour day as well.

30 seconds of ARGO'S SUCK just to get the vocal cords warmed up. :thup: 8)

Gotta love how Big Jim enjoys waving that big, gaudy Argo Grey Cup ring under everybody's nose... especially Ti-Cat fans!