Monday Night Football

Should the CFL/tsn fill the Monday Night Football void by staging a ‘game of the week’ on the regular season schedule during the summer? It will cover 10 weeks until the NFL starts its edition.

No. TSN has had a great run with their Friday Night Football. No need to use Monday nights too. Besides how many people want to go to the stadium on a Monday night during the summer?

Naw, too spread out. I like the Friday Night Football theme.

The NFL has Monday Night Football, and the CFL has Friday Night Football. I see no reason to change it.

Here's the schedule as it is.

2008 Schedule

I'm just wondering if all double headers are as strong as a spread out weekend schedule. I personally love watching games on Monday nights. I think it will attract new fans.

There's really nothing better to end the work week than 6 hours of football. I love the Friday double headers.

This is just a dumb idea, peroid.

No It too hard on us with Thursday and friday nighters already

Whats wrong wrong with the idea? I think it would be cool.

Go Riders!

Why not! Would be fun. Games Fri-Monday, cool!!!!

Friday Night Football is our Monday Night Football.

Monday night would not work out to well for the out of towners that come in for games. Some people around here would not be pleased. Besides, I MUCH prefer going to games on the weekends or at the end of the week. Leave it well enough alone!

I say leave it the way it is.

No, but the CFL should schedule games on Sunday afternoon during summer and the NFL preseason.

There are some games on Sunday afternoons are there not?

I like the Friday night double-headers.
Although I seldom make it to the end of the 2nd game.

The only thing I don't like about the double-headers is, when the first game is in Hamilton, I miss the first part of the second game. Often when I arrive home, the big TV has already been claimed by someone else, and I have to watch the rest of the second game on the small TV in my room.

But that doesn't happen very often, and on the whole, I enjoy them.

As a football fan in general, I know I'd love it - but only if some outlet in the US picked up the games so I could actually see them...but I can see where Canadians might not be as inclined to go for the concept...

I really like the Sunday idea, they should do that until the NFL season starts. I don't like Mondays because people are usually to tired after that first day of the week and nobody wants to do anything after getting home. That idea is better suited for the NFL where the sheer numbers could compensate for all those people who just want to plop themselves on the couch and watch TV after work. I do like the Sundays where nobody has anything to do except for church of course and people can come in from out of town to take in a game, get some double headers in there and bada bing, maybe that way you could spark up more intrest from the American viewers waiting on their NFL season to start.

What they should have is a Sunday Night Game, What other sports are on at this time, 1 MLB game, and that is it, would this not be a good timeslot to fill with its lack of competition?