Monday Night Football

It doesn't look or sound like Monday Night Football. It looks like any other game, Boring. Joe Thiesman is no John Madden.

JOhn Madden was no Joe Thiesman.

Chris Berman is no Chris Berman.

Some days I don't feel like myself...

(and that's a good thing.)

Nasty habit.

I noticed after the first game much intermingling among the players. The second game was played on a baseball field. These are two things the TiCats have been criticized for in recent days.

Both Thiesman and Madden are terrible..Thiesman needs to get off his high horse and Madden needs to speak clearly. It was nice to hear Tony K. make some references to his fantasy team including Santana Moss. Finally some personality. Also, Al Michaels was the man.

I didn't know the CFL played games on Mondays.

Sure they do. Labour Day and Thanksgiving. What's your point?

My point is that I don’t follow the NFL. I was trying to be funny, and you squashed the lame attempt at humour like a bug.

Does that make you feel better?

And yeah, I completely forgot about those games when I posted. Just a brain-f… uh, brain-toot. :oops:

of course.
why do you think i chose this username?

And what exactly does this have to do with the CFL, or more importnatly (since it is on this board) the Ti-Cats?