Monday Night Football - greatest game ever?

Long time CFL fan, who generally thinks the NFL is boring, but I have to say, the end of that Dallas Buffalo game was off the charts.
Boor Buffalo. Forever losers. Can't believe they lost that game.
Was hoping for a Bills win, as I'm sure some chumps took Dallas in my suicide pool.

WOW! I'm still in shock. That was by far the best finish I've ever seen.

Iw watched most of it I dont see the difference between the 2 products. I guess I dont get it. Good game though looked kind of CFLish that might be why.


I dunno, but dude is still my favorite receiver. A better question is, Whats with Romo throwing 5 picks and losing a fumble. After all, it was the Bills...

Excellent game, football is football. Too bad for the Bills but that's the way it goes.

best NFL game i’ve ever seen

but the best Football game i have ever seen was ncaa-f last year i cant remeber what game it was but it was a bowl game

it was the texas tech raiders vs. the minnesoeta golden gofers.

my scores maybe be a little bit off but as i can remeber it was 34-7 for the golden gofers at one point and at half time it was 34-14

the raiders pulled off the comeback with a last second field goal to win the game

Go Missouri! (NCAAF)
Go bucs! (NFL)
Go Leafs (NHL)
Go rockies and Red sox (MLB)
Go Cats (CFL)…(next year)

BLAH.. NFL. I didn't even watch 1 second of it.

Then why comment on this forum?

That pissed me off! I had him on my Fantasy Team. If he keeps that up I’ll bench his ass… :?

Great game, though. And Romo is still a solid QB. :smiley:

Dont bench TO..

I wonder how often a guy throws 5 picks and his team still wins the game. Just shows never give up.

Especially a fairly young quarterback like that... I dont even think he has been starting for a full season total yet

nope he hasnt, it was his 15th career start

I knew it was getting close, but wasnt sure. Thanks for clarifying

That finish was unbelievable...having to kick a 53 yard field goal twice in a row for the win - spectacular. I loved that game (although I was pulling for the Bills to pull it out)