Monday morning......

Here we are. Monday morning...two days after that appalling game in Montreal.
I think there needs to be some accountability today. I think the paying fans and the city of Hamilton need some explanation from Marcel about why we are 1-7 on the season with no apparent signs yet of improvement. What is even worse, is that after a bye-week, this team (on offence) looked as if they had never played together before.
Please tell us whats at the end of the tunnel. Nothing has changed all season. What plan is so good that nothing can be changed despite continual losses?
When I look at the rest of the teams in the CFL I see a few letdowns once in a while but for the most part they are well prepared and are able to adjust during the game to exploit the other team's weaknesses. Then I watch the Tiger-Cats and game after game the offence just seems to stumble along aimlessly causing far too many game killing penalties and a QB who appears to be lost. This team is like a ship without a rudder.
We have a few standout players but not enough. We are simply not competitive with the rest of the teams in the CFL.
If the response is that we are re-building then I am afraid we will never see what the building is supposed to look like. There simply has not been enough improvement or vision so far this season to use the "re-building" excuse.
So will someone from this team please explain if the President, GM and coach are all on the same page? Is there a disconnect somewhere along the managemnt line?
Why are the obvious adjustments not being made?
We can crab all we want about the players but it is becoming increasingly obvious that something is not working at the coaching/GM level. No discipline, good players not being used, confusion on the field, inability to score touchdowns....each game seems to highlight new problems rather than hope for the future.
Right now there appears to be no indication things will change for the better. Thats wrong. At the halfway point of this season there should be signs that we are on the right track even though we won't make the playoffs.
Unfortunately what we have instead is rag-tag football, intransigence of the part of the coach and absolutely nothing to show for the massive changes that have happened since the end of last season. We are in serious danger of also having a worse record than last season.
I will be staying close to my computer today, awaiting some explanation to the public from the teams's management on what they intend to do about this horrible mess that has been substituted for entertaining and competitive football this season.

The paying fans and the city of Hamilton need some explanation from Marcel about

why we are 1-7 on the season
with no apparent signs yet
of improvement.

I can hardly wait for Marcel's answer.

I hope Marcel remembers that his wife
put his Crystal Ball in his Bowling Bag.

so we can soon know what he intends
to do about this horrible mess. :wink:

8) While I would not hold my breath waiting for an answer from management mr62cats, you are dead right in your assessment of this team at this point of the season !!! Something has to change, because what they have been doing up to this stage is simply not working !!! Instead, we are going backwards now !!!!! I see nothing to get encouraged about or optimistic any more, and that is very sad indeed !!!
The paying fans and the city of Hamilton need some explanation from Marcel about
Jamie West will be doing the morning talk show this week on CHML and just said he will probably have GM Desjardins on his show this morning.

The show starts at 9 am after the news



Thanks for the heads up!
I'll listen online.

We have a revolving door of average players trying to grasp a complicated system. We have a starting QB who simply can not produce and promising rookie who sits and waits. Taafe says he has never had a start like this and it shows because he has shown zero ability to make a difference.