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Thanks to the thunderstorm at 3:00 am, I woke up and checked the Spectator for it's early on-line edition.....

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The Caretaker said he wanted our input not Ken Peters :wink: - May i suggest 1)- three kickers on the roster?, cut two -and fix the O. L.- 2) ?

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I dont agree with many of the things that Peters has suggested here .

If he brings in Cavil which import sits out ?? Mnay have suggested this, but nobody says who should sit out or the consequences of taking that player out !!!!

When did he become an expert on O lines ?? How does he know who is struggling and who isnt ??

I think we are just fine at LB and why put Auggie on the outside ? Our defence did very well last game .Why change it ??

Holmes will be back and our return game will be back to normal . Although i will say if the blocking on said team doesnt get better it doesnt matter who you have returning there are no holes to speak of !!!!

As far as Brock Ralph he dropped a ball right in his hands in the endzone last game and had an offside that killed a drive the week before .

I do agree with the stupid mistakes part . I think that if you go offside on offence or drop a sure pass or take a roughing the passer penalty they should just keep running into the dressing room because we dont want players who arent thinking and that`s what this is all about . Get your heads in the damn game !!!!

Ken Peters is a TROLL on this site!!!

I think Ken Peters edited my post again because I called Ken Peters a ____

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I've taken a couple of jabs at Ken Peters in my day, but maybe we should start paying attention to what he says. He not only predicted the firing of Greg Marshall, but he got the timing exactly right. He said 4 losses to open the season would put the coach at risk, and he was dead on.

If he brings in Cavil which import sits out ?? Mnay have suggested this, but nobody says who should sit out or the consequences of taking that player out !!!!
I answered that question twice for you. But i digress.
  1. We started 1 Canadian too many last game.

  2. Quinnie, Fefahi (sp?), etc. There's many ways to get another import on the field.

Also, Ken Peters shows just how much he knows, he wants to give Radlein the ball MORE? The guy is slow, his swing passes go for about 3 yards and with Ranek and Holmes in the backfield you want to give this guy (who can barely get a 3rd and 1) the ball MORE? CRAZY.

Please, any decent football organization would fire Marshall.


I too could make a dozen suggestions and hope that one might be right.

How do you get Cavil in and give the ball to Morrealle and Ralph? Start them all.

Ken Peters knows about as much as the average member the only diff. is he works at the Spec.
Maas immobile? he leads the team in rushing.

You could choose to not read the Spec. This site gives far more ticat insight. People post here out of passion, not because they are paid.

Funny... :lol:

I could have written that article...Go ahead and laugh!

Appointing Lancaster will get the Head Coach the "Respect" that Marshall lacked!

I'll tell you something else...I hope the ego's that got in the way of re-acquiring Montford..will remember their folley when we play the Esks! :wink:

We could have used him!

Also, Eakin has the arm to go long...he also has a win as a not put him in at some time was just plain silly!

I'm pleased to see Lancaster at the helm but not because Marshall is gone, but because now Lancaster can finish what Marshall started to do in Montreal last Thursday!

We will see a more aggressive team now!