Monday Morning Vent

I very seldom post and I am sure I will get a lot of flack for this one, but I am venting and will probably re think all of it after a few days.

I am done with the CFL and the Tiger Cats, I will not renew my season tickets or watch anymore this year and beyond.
Because the game is pathetic way too predictable and becoming a bore.
I am sick and tired of the lousy refs deciding the outcome. I am sick of challenges which IMO should be dropped.
I am tired of watching all of the teams run basically the same offence and defence with little imagination.
There are way too many commercial time outs during the game.
It has reached a point with illegal contact that a DB can't defend without fear of being called. Might as well play flag football.
At Tim Hortons Field the game day experience has become increasingly bad. The stadium announcer is annoying, the music between every single play gives me a frigging headache. Not to mention the concession food is absolutely disgusting ( Yesterday's hotdog was like chewing rubber on a stale bun).
I can go on and on but I am sure I will make no sense to anybody...I am just venting my post game emotions.
But mark my words, the CFL brass is ruining this game. It continues to appear like a minor league.. Heck, they just recycle the same coaches most of the time and when a 43 year "Smiling Hank" can start for his "15th team" I just shake my head and laugh.

I'm with you almost all the way. The rules have ceased to make sense. Challenges rarely go in Hamilton's favour. The Command Center is just an excuse to find jobs for retired refs etc.
:x :x

Kooblahdee: Read thru this and see if any of these bright ideas will help change your mind

Try not to cringe......


see ya don't let the doors hit your a$$ on the way out

I wouldn't be too coy about this guy leaving , I think a lot of ssh's are kinda fed up with a lot of issues , if I was upper management I would be quite concerned that a lot of them will be being hit in the A$$ on the way out , I will be one of them .

Line ups waiting to buy tickets people dont renew just saying

bye bye

Are group of 7 are willing to sell are season tickets for next year, we've had enough of the bull.
Officiating and commercials is pathetic. :thdn: :thdn:

There are many SSH who are fed up. There are no perks anymore. Tickets are cheaper if you just time it and buy the package deals with the freebies included. The only benefit to being a STH is you keep your same seats every game.. and even then I sit in the lower bowl and wouldnt have an issue getting 5 seats together in my section every game. Have a look at the other thread.. some STH of 20+ years are giving up their tix.. and a lot of them are citing this as a reason.

Simply not true. They're not even showing up to the game. The last 4 home games were all "sellouts" yet the crowd vastly fluctuated over the game. The last 2 home games before the playoffs, the crowds were sparse.. I would guess 4000+ empty seats.

If you're blaming commercials you're just looking for excuses.
The amount of commercials has been the same for at least a decade, probably more.

The commercials help with the teams revenue which then helps to keep the ticket prices down. The club has to find other ways to make money otherwise the fans would have to eat up the additional costs. No commercials would probably make ticket prices unaffordable for most people. A mostly empty stadium with a couple thousand rich people wouldn't look very good. :frowning:

For STH's money talks. If there was a "significant " discount to pay up front, then you'd get people renewing or buying ST early. As of now a 4% discount value of your total ticket cost on a rewards card towards concessions (YUK!!!!) or overpriced merchandise is not a discount if your not buying new stuff every year. Give me the 4% in cash back towards the price. Then earn my money on concessions or merchandise.

I'd like to see a pay in full by a date and receive 10% price reduction. Would then almost cover the cost of one game. Include playoff FREE not say it's included when we pay for them up front then get a rebate or credit if we don't make it to a home playoff game.

I think this will sell more tickets even if people don't show up to all games.

Agreed .right now it's cheaper to buy your seasons at the last minute

Its Tuesday night, still venting.

As a ticket buying fan that goes back to the Civic Stadium days from my perspective the overall product on the field is at an all time low. Its not necessarily the football, its the game presentation. With the insane challenges and still....poor (being kind) officiating, the product is not watchable. I don't want the sizzle, I want steak. Many of my peers are saying they are DONE...and lay the blame on CFL brass.

embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing
not to mention the shine is off the stadium, absolute worst location and you're dreaming if you think a Grey Cup is coming to this town anytime soon.

I've had ST for 41 years. The shine is not off this stadium. If we wanted more luxury, who was gonna pay for it? And having prime land in the core dedicated to a stadium for 10 dates is asinine. What would you do with IWS site when vacated? Who'd build anything there with hopes of making money? I have never had anyone tell me directly to my face that they won't go to a game because of the location. If they don't like it..don't go. About 24,000 don't mind it.
The location is not hard to get to, plenty of parking with a 10 min. walk. I don't get this constant moaning. I was at the last Grey Cup in Hamilton and it was a blast in an old decrepit stadium. Think what it will be like at THF. A blast!
It's done and over with....get on with life..the location has absolutely nothing to do with the poor performance of this team.
The other comments about officiating are reasonable.
Thank you .

I don't notice anything in my post relating team performance to stadium location. I don't think anyone, 2 yrs on, comes to a Tiger cat game strictly because of the stadium. The cats actually have one of the finest locker facilities in pro sports.
The location debate, again, is raised when we want to get a Grey Cup. Its impossible to create atmosphere when there is nothing around the stadium for fans to gather (be it a football game, soccer match, concert etc) grab a meal, get jacked and wander over to their seats. I think the over hyped atmosphere inside the stadium, chatty stadium announcer, very loud music etc is an attempt to overcome the natural hype that would be there if there was more "something" around the place. Its embarrassing when your food options are McDonalds, Tims, or Subway. None of this is the clubs fault. They are playing the hand that was dealt them. I would have preferred the Scott Park site being sold to the Caretaker and maybe create a true TigerTown place, with parking, food, tailgating etc. I would love to spend some more time and cash around THF, the fact is there is no where to do it. Its a critical time for this team.