Monday morning Spectator stories.....

Not a pretty picture being painted by the likes of Mike Morreale, Coach Lancaster, GM Katz, George Hudson etc.

Well, all we can do is keep supporting the team and ride this out with them.....I know things will get better.
If we feel bad as fans, imagine what they are feeling with everyone demanding immediate answers and solutions....can't be easy that's for sure.

Anyhow, here's todays stories (fasten your seatbelts)

  1. Massacre at Ivor Wynne

2)Lots of blame to go around

3)Can this mess even be fixed?

4)Maas struggling with his play and losing mentality .....that's a strange heading by the editor :roll:

The one man in this whole mess I feel sorry for is Ron Lancaster. His hands are tied.He knows he has to fire the assistant coaches (it really is obvious they don't know what they are doing on either side of the line ) but he can't do it because he's interrum . What we need to do is hire a head coach now and let him get his coaches together as quickly as possible so that he can start winning some games.Problem is not many teams will let you talk to coaches half way through the season .

Thanks for posting these stories Mikey.
As usual, Steve Milton has got to the heart of things.
I suppose we now wait for Rob Katz to decide if and what needs to be done.

What a great success story this franchise is off the field...

What an embarrassment to Bob Young et al that they haven't been able to replicate it on the field :thdn:


These links to the Spectator are much appreciated. We don't get any TiCat news in Toronto.

An Argo fan

Milton could have copied and paste that entire article from this site. For weeks people have been commenting on everthing he pointed out and management did nothing. Bob appears to have out smarted himself at the worst time, good luck selling tickets for this mess next year.