Monday Morning Quarterback

Someone named Pat Steinberg writes a column every Monday on the CFL website. I usually try to catch it, and it occurred to me after a while that he seems to talk about everyone but the Ticats.

I'm the first guy to chuckle when I see the "everyone's against us" posts. But check out this week's article:

Over 1,300 words of copy, with a section dedicated to each of the four games, including 420 words written on the Calgary-Hamilton game. And he doesn't mention our city, team, or any of its players even once in the whol piece. Which is a little funny if you ask me, since we put up the biggest score of the year.

Last week, he did mention the word Hamilton once in 1,500 words (though none of our players), in an apparent acknowledgement that we fielded a team.

Week before: our game only merited 82 of his 1,264 words - under the apt heading "Not much to say"

Who is this guy anyway? As Colbert would say: he's on notice.