Who's going to win this upcoming turkey day? I don't hink it's even a question.


Riders: :thup: 38
Stamps: :thdn: 14

Stamps always play well at home, even with Burris out. I think it will be closer game than Rider nation thinks, but even at that, Sask should still be able to pull it out by 7 to 10 points if they show up this time around.


Before I vote I must clarify one thing.

You have as an option "Riders Blowout".

Then you have another option as "Stamps get blown out".
What is the deal? Are you trying to say the Riders will definatly not get blown out?

Or does the second option labeled "Riders Blowout" mean the Riders will get blown out?

Anyways, Who is doing Defensive Coordinator for Stamps now?

I think the Riders will win this one but I will not pick a score or a point spread.

Ah, you see thryllin, i'am so confident in the riders this week, that them losing wasn't even an option. :lol: Just a little razz to some stamps fans. :lol:

Of course, well then I will vote for Stamps lose.

Having said that, this poll is useless.

Useless...yes. But it's entertaining, don't you agree.

And if Calgary pulls off an upset??????

Then i'll admit my wrongs,and take it like a man. But i am very confident in this game.

You guys must have short memories.


And if they dont?!

Who are you again, and why are you posting here....?

Why not post here?

I like some of the rider fans.

You must have a short memory as well, because the only QB that gives you a shot at winning will be either at home in Calgary, or on the sidelines in Regina in civvies.

Wow...I love your confidence.

Talk about arrogance.

Then again chk out the poll.

LOL........good luck!

You guys realize its grossly overstated
when they say half the crowd is for Sask.

It is if you consider the numbers. Ive been to 3 games at McMahon between these teams, there's probably 8,000 Rider fans there at most.

They are a very loud 8,000 though.

what they lack in numbers they make up in boistrousness