Monday and Tuesday-practice time

Anyone know the practice times at IWS for Monday July 6th and Tuesday July 7th?
I will be passing through Hamilton and would like to stop by.

I found this under the word 'SCHEDULE' on the home page.

both practices are from 11:20 AM to 1:30 PM

Stop by to say 'hi' mr62cats

I will be sitting in the 1st few rows
near the field on the South side

close to where the players come out

wearing a wide brimmed Tilley Endurable hat .


The North West gates haven't been open this year,

Try a Balsam Street Gate

you might have to go through the soccer field gate
and walk past the player's parked cars for 50 yds

and come in to IWS through an open gate there.

Thanks. It will probably be Monday.
Might see you there.

I will be there monday ..