ok gerbear-----The Ticat's were right , go back to ---click "NEWS" tab, under "Around The League" click on Napa Touchdown Atlantic for the news release about ticket information -------then register for field pass-------then you will be on the list for the presale which starts to-morrow, (you will get an email with a promo code to-morrow morning from the league)--- if you are a season ticket holder with the cats or Als you can buy to-day. Hope this helps.

Got 2 tickets this morning...front row "Gold" West 2 ... Ticat side.

With the taxes, service charges and mailing charge...$185.00 :roll:

Now to find somewhere to stay :?

Got my tickets this morning as well. Front row platinum right behind the bench. So, accommodations check, tickets check, Ticat gear check, one win on the way to the GC priceless. Looking forward to the trip.

Anyone willing to give up their season ticket presale code from May 23 for a Moncton guy looking to jump the presale line on May 24 here in Moncton? Looking to get 2 platinum seats on the Ticats side of the field. :slight_smile:


1 post. sounds like a scalper.

Thanks so much Mr PIKE ...Very helpful !! OSKIE WEE WEE

gold east 13 section d seats 1-2!!!

Tickets in all sections still available.

That's good for local folks down east , I know there was some concern that most of the good tickets would be sold to the corporate sponsers and season ticket holders of the ALs and Cats in the presale -------to-day will put a big dent in the quality tickets though as anyone who registered on will be able to buy.
I also see this time around there are going to be premium seating tents along the sidelines, so maybe these are for the corportate folks and dignitaries.

Woo Hoo my Moncton Tickets :slight_smile:

I will be in section 13 omn the East Side ( Montreal Side )

We are taking the week off prior and will check out Caqe Breton , Halifax , Quebec City as wel will drive as well.

Anyone else driving down ?

Since I know the area a bit I can recommend a few places to see around Moncton :


The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world at 52 feet. The Bay of fundy National park and the Hopewell Rocks is an excellent place to view the tides. Just make sure your watch is working as when the tide starts rolling in make sure your at a safe location. At hopewell rocks they have parks people on the beach blowing whistles when it's time to climb the stairs.


When a car is placed in neutral, it will begin to roll backwards, apparently uphill. Observers will also note that water in the adjacent drainage ditches also seemingly runs “uphill.?

  1. CHECKING OIUT PEI via very long Confederation Bridge
  1. Drive to HALIFAX ( 2.5 hours )

Halifax is like a Mini Ottawa and is a very friendly place with great Bars , Restaurants and nighlife in the Downtown Core . Peggy's Cove is a nice spot to visit.

[url=] ... in-halifax[/url]
  1. Drive to Cape Breton - Cabot Trail - A must see . ( 4.5 hour drive )

Cabot Trail is like Algonquin Park wioth Mountains and water Scottish Highlands. Lots of wildlife and freindly people .
check the pictures . Last time I went i saw a Moose .

Absolutely. I was very vocal about that and kudos to the league for paying attention. Got myself some nice front row seats in the Platinum section with the pre-sale. I spoke with my money. I very much appreciate the way the league proceeded with the sale of the tickets. $217.00 for a pair of tickets isn't cheap but I will encourage any efforts the CFL makes to bring the game closer to us.

Anyone that has questions can pm me. I'll be glad to help out any Ticat fans.

Saint-Mary's is playing Mount Allison on the Friday night, great way to start the party.

hI Neuman, HfxTC ,

We should arrange to all go to the same places on thr friday night , saturday night and prior the gamne on saturday ?

Any well know restaurants / bars ..?

Do you guys recommend getting motel / hotel before going down ..i assume so
someone mention camping ?

wheer did everyone tend to go the last time ?

is there pre parties ? tail gaiting etc
is the stadium walking distance to th hotels/ motels , bars and downtown ?

anyone know where the players tend to stay ? when they arrive ? hwo they get there ? plane ? train ?

Gosh HfxTC , I hope those front row tickets aren't behind one of those tents I saw on the seating plan........Nah couldn't happen ! I am hoping The Cats have their hospitality room at The Old Triangle Bar on the main street .....Both Calgary and Argos used this place the last two times ....Its not big , you have to get there early , but has a wonderful atmosphere ------The Argos did a night before radio show from there as well so it would be nice if CHML could do something the same with players and cheerleaders available for autograph's etc.

Best Pub for over 25 crowd to hangout on the Anglo side in Moncton is this one :

Great food too

Best Late night Dance bar is here:

The absolute best sandwiches/subs that you must experience if you come to Moncton is at McBuns Bakery, the old girls there will make you a steak/smoked pepperoni sub on fresh (as in still hot) bun that weighs about two pounds. Best sandwich you'll ever have.

I'll have the weber and the stainless keg of beer with me son anyone who wants to tailgate is more than welcome. Its a huge parking lot and lots of green space on university grounds.

Looks like the one year hiatus did not really increase demand for tickets. Tons of tickets available.

That’s too bad. If this game has even less tickets sold then in 2011, which did not sell out, then I think that won’t help the cause of a 10th team. At least if I am a potential sponsor, it wouldn’t look great to me.

Did they not just go on sale to the general public 3 hours ago ? Some sections are sold out , it will take time to sell the endzone seats I would think.

Just went on sale this morning with little to no advertising. The game will sell out. Its in September this year too. So its not like casual fans are standing in line.

Yeah... I completely take that back. For some reason I thought that when I got the email from the CFL a few days ago that meant they were open to everyone, but that was just a pre sale.

Platinum section was sold before the end of the Pre-Sale. They are into the Gold sections now, so within a day or two, only thing available will be End Zone seats.

There are pairs still available in row x (third from top) in section 10, two rows left for multiple. Gold is about half way sold on the East side.

Looks like the whole West side (Hamilton side) is pretty much sold out.

End zone seats only one section out of the 12 selling so far.