Will they be any package trips planned by the teams for this one. Catch a train in ott or mont or where ever and have a room waiting when you get there?

Does Anyone know the bets approach to get tickets fro the Moncton game ?
Will the tickets be offered to season tickets holders first or can they be purchased directly through Moncton or the Ticats ? When will they be on sale and is there any groups or package deals going down via Bus ? Plane ?

Details regarding the Moncton game, including ticket information, will be released by the CFL in the near future. We will provide all relevant information online at as soon as it becomes available. Season seat holders will have first access to these tickets.

For more information about Moncton go to

2012 or 2013 Season ticket holders ?

I’ll be there and have booked my camp site already. It’s only ten minutes from the stadium. Now all I need are the tickets.

Already have our hotel booked for that weekend, going to be a great time! :rockin:

Me 2. :rockin:

AWESOME have we met, I think most know me on here!

Any others planning to head out to Moncton?

We had to decide between Moncton and Regina, Regina won. :slight_smile:

If anybody needs any info on Moncton, restaurants, watering holes, hotels ... just holler.

We went to the Calgary/Ticats game in Moncton last time around and had a great time.
It was just like a miniature Grey Cup Festival. Great city, and great people as hosts.
If you can make it you will have a fantastic time.

That being said, I'm just wondering if those who renewed for Guelph this season will receive a credit for the game we won't be attending at Alumni Stadium...

It is my understanding you will get a credit , you can use the credit and apply it to a play off game , you can use it to buy indiviual ticket(s) for a guelph game, if there is no playoff game you can get a refund or apply it to your 2014 season tickets.----- If you check out front page and click on tickets and then on FAQ for Moncton it is all explained there. Hope this helps.

Mr. Pike- I guess I missed that, thanks.


I have been to several Grey Cups, and everyone has been Awesome. I have also been to Moncton when the Cats played, Moncton is like a mini Grey Cup with that special east coast hospitality. I seemed to enjoy Moncton a little more, maybe it was because the Ticats were playing :thup:

Some Moncton city councillors have concerns about the cost to hold the game in Moncton. The previous two CFL games in Moncton went over budget.

[url=] ... ouncillors[/url]

I wish there were two or more Moncton Games this year :frowning:
Would have been an actual test of the market vs. these one of deals that don't really show if the Market can support a team for a season.

This is not a market test in any shape or form. Locals are offered leftover tickets after Ticat, Alouette fans and sponsors have picked tickets. Last time all that was left when tickets went on sale to Atlantic Canadians were end zone tickets. Even worse they subsidize the better seats they sell to the season ticket holders by inflating the price of the end zone seats.

Not saying a number of tickets should not be reserved in a lottery system for Home game season ticket holders but IMO it is more damaging to the CFL in Atlantic Canada than anything else.

Got our Tickets to Moncton, fly out Sept 20th. Cant wait to see the Cats out East, never been out that way so its going to be a GREAT trip! :rockin:

Hi Bruce and other Ticats fans

I see nothing on the WWW.CFL.CA SITE and Ticats office sends me there :

Here are the ticket details:

• Tickets go on-sale to the general public on Saturday, May 25 at 10:00am AT
• Fans can register at for an exclusive pre-sale opportunity on Friday, May 24 at 10am AT
• Tickets start at $49 and the best seats in the house are only $95
• Season seat holders of the Ticats and Alouettes will have access to a pre-sale on Thursday, May 23 at 10am AT.