MONCTON - who's thinking about coming...?

Absolutely a treat...any fan of the CFL would enjoy going to other stadiums and experiencing their atmosphere. I've done them all but Edmonton. A piece of advice...try to connect with fans of each team, ( is a great site) before you go out...they show you things that you won't see by going on your own...besides...tailgates are a lot of fun when you are introduced as a guest...even wearing your Ticat colours in other's stadiums.

I'm looking forward to going. Does anyone know when the tickets go on sale?

May 9th if you have season tickets. Otherwise May 11th

I will be going to Moncton, along with a few friends. It looks like the other Box J Boys will not be going in force. I will likely be the only kilt-wearing Box J Boy there.

We got our tickets. :thup: Went to their website...paid for them and printed the tickets off.

Looks like we are going to drive out and make a Holiday of it and see some of the countryside. I'm really looking forward to this.

Well, have to miss it since my wife wanted to go out west this year for the GC and do a holiday on Vancouver Island first. Oh, well hopefully the Argos will move to Moncton soon and then, well, lots of choices for out east vacs. :wink:

Some of the Box J Boys are making the trip!

Just checked flights to Moncton and Vancouver, the prices are still pretty good !!