MONCTON - who's thinking about coming...?

So who's thinking about coming (or going depending where your at, I guess)

Could be an important game. Might be almost as much fun as the grey cup... :stuck_out_tongue:

Bob, you making the trip?

Earl, Rusty.... anybody...

I'm pondering it, but I want to see if I can get a group of people to go/if the Ti-Cats are going to have a deal to get there and back.

Sandy and I are planning on making a "holiday trip" out of the game! Halifax was a blast but flying in Friday and returning Sunday wasn't long enough :wink:

We look forward to doing some "sightseeing"...just being tourists. :thup:

......the drive is really nice if you cut into Upper New York at Cornwall, and go through New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and then up through Saint John and on to Moncton.

........ Coming back up through Fredericton, Edmunston , Riviere-Du-Loup, Quebec City, Montreal and back into Cornwall makes it an all round excellent adventure :smiley:

Here are a few articles detailing some upcoming visits to New Brunswick by some Tiger-Cats players:

SAINT JOHN -. Registration for the Saint John Wanderers Pros for PRO Kids football camp opens Friday The cost is $150 for the camp that runs May 11-14 and includes 15 hours of instruction, jersey, T-shirt and a camp photo. Hamilton Tiger-Cats quarterback Quinton Porter has confirmed he'll be one of the instructors at the camp.

to read more ----> ... le/1397894

[i][b]One of the CFL's best linemen and most charitable players will be visiting Moncton long before he suits up for the 2011 version of Touchdown Atlantic.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats offensive lineman Marwan Hage will play in the Sept. 25 regular season game between the Ticats and the Calgary Stampeders in Moncton, but he will also be in town Friday to take part in a large food drop that will benefit 400 Moncton families.

"I am honoured to help contribute to the community in Moncton," said Hage in a news release announcing the event. "I would like to thank Speroway for helping me organize this food drive, as well as our great partner Midland Transportation."

to read more ------> ... le/1397548

I’d have loved to come if it was in the summer. I have my wife’s family all around the area.

Look, with family out there, and having lived in Nova Scotia for a decade, I've been EVERY possible route. If you have a good map for Quebec you take the following route for scenery: 10 out of Montreal to Sherbrooke- then through Lennoxville, Cookshire, and Notre-dame-du-Bois to the Border. A beautiful Hwy 27 in Maine (again- take a good map for the best route to Skowhegan and some wonderful huge ice cream cones at Giffords (with maybe a round of mini-golf) - then #2 to Interstate 95 to Bangor, #9 to the Border at St. Stephen's, and Hwy #1 in NB to Moncton. It's about the same time as going all the way through Quebec on 40 to Riviere du-Loup and then down to Madaqaska and into NB on #2. It used to be way faster the first way (more lonely) but the twinning of the Trans-Canada made a huge difference.

Deerhunter's way? Slow...slow...slow. Very pretty, but slow. Behind trucks, behind trailers, behind schedule.

Well, at least I didn't send anyone up the brutal Renous Highway through Plaster Rock

Well, at least I didn't send anyone up the brutal Renous Highway through Plaster Rock
Oh yeah... been that way too. Almost lost all our household goods in '84 when we took a shortcut across the Mirimichi at Quarryville and we stopped the Ryder truck about 18 inches from the low bridge. If I hadn't woken up just in time my brother-in-law would have plowed us into the bridge and it's a toss up whether we would have wedged or flipped. Fun, wow.

My sister and brother-in-law heard a THUNK one night when they were towing a trailer and thought they might have hit an animal. When the stopped for gas in Moncton they found a buck lying across the tongue of the trailer- dead. It had tried to jump between the trailer and car, I guess.


Ouch !.....that poor deer ! (lucky it wasn't a moose which seem to infest that area)

One trip up the remote Renous Hwy. was pretty rough. We were coming back from Christmas in Nova Scotia and hit a blinding blizzard at night in Northern New Brunswick. Half way up the Renous, the headlights crapped out and I quickly had to rig up a trouble light to the front of the car and figure out a power source for it.......the snow was so thick and deep on the road you couldn't tell where the road surface was. All you could see was the outline of the forest on either side and the trick was to aim down the middle. We made it to the end at Plaster Rock where I stopped in to an old friends place to fix the lights properly and then kept plowing through for Quebec and onwards to Ontario. Fun times ! :roll:

PS......the Miramachi area reminds me of the movie Deliverance especially just north of Newcastle :expressionless:

Mark, did they bbq the deer?

No… city folk. :slight_smile:

Absolutley !! I talked to friends that went last year and they said its like a mini Grey Cup but better :thup: :rockin: The east coast hospitality goes above and beyond !!

Touchdown Atlantic II press conference today in Moncton: 8)

CFL announces Metro plans today
Published Tuesday April 26th, 2011
Scotiabank Touchdown Atlantic II will take place on Sept. 25 in Moncton

Today, Moncton springs ahead with its plans to get its fall classic back.

The Canadian Football League has called a press conference for 2 p.m. this afternoon for Scotiabank Touchdown Atlantic II, the sequel to last year's spectacularly successful inaugural pro football weekend.

CFL commissioner Mark Cohon will be in the ballroom of the Delta Beauséjour Hotel to introduce this year's two competing teams, the Calgary Stampeders and 'home team' Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Commissioner Cohon will also share ticketing details for this year's regular season game, which will be played on Sunday, Sept. 25 at the Stade Moncton 2010 Stadium.

That's the same weekend as last year's game, but the opening kick-off will come an hour later this year, with a 2 p.m. start.

Joining Cohon at today's press conference will be Premier David Alward, Mayor George LeBlanc, Hamilton Tiger-Cats president Scott Mitchell, along with quarterback Kevin Glenn, and Calgary Stampeders president and chief operating officer Lyle Bauer, along with quarterback Henry Burris.

Also today, Premier Alward will join officials from the Canadian Football League in a visit to the students at Bernice MacNaughton High School.

The Toronto Argonauts were the home team last September in Moncton for the CFL's first regular-season game in Atlantic Canada. They lost 24-6 to the Edmonton Eskimos in front of a capacity crowd of 20,725 and all tickets for the historic contest were sold in just 32 hours.

Mitchell, the Tiger-Cats' president, said recently his team was excited to be this year's home team, following glowing reviews of last year's football festivities.

"Everybody said it was a great success," he told the Times & Transcript.

"The event was flawless and a tremendous experience for everyone. It received great reviews, not just the game itself but all the events leading up to it and the hospitality."

The new relationship between Hamilton and Moncton may be more than a one-day stand.

Hamilton will be looking for a place to play its home games when 80-year-old Ivor Wynne Stadium undergoes a $152-million renovation.

Much of the current structure will be torn down and rebuilt with the end result being a 25,000-seat venue that would have a capacity of 27,000 with standing room.

It's possible the Tiger-Cats could have some home games in Moncton during the construction phase of this project.

[url=] ... le/1401011[/url]

I'm working on being there. The Maritimes will be a big part of getting to 10 teams in the CFL. And as the Times and Transcript article notes - Moncton could be an important part of our stadium-construction-challenged season coming up.

On the other hand there are a lot of conflicts that could keep me from attending, including that weekend is the opening of the duck hunting season in Ontario. :wink:

I know of 4 of us that are also going. I was there last year as well. Lots of fun.

Can you say....Olde Triangle...

Just beware of any ducks who try to convince you it's actually rabbit season...

...and don't forget to keep an eye out for Dick Cheney

Can't go, doing a summer trip out east and then Grey Cup. I was hoping for a July or August game to build it into the summer trip. I'm pushing it with two trips this year as it is. To say I'm totally bummed is an understatement. I was at the first one, and to miss this one...well just sucks!
Anyone wanna stow me into their suit case?

I wish but we already book the Calgary game, so looking foword it it, as we are doing the CFL leque tour, :rockin: last year was Montreal, this year Calgary, next hope to get to BC as i heard it beauitful out that way! :rockin: