Moncton vs Halifax: Where do you WANT to see a team?

Ok ok....before everyone tells me that there are already 13 threads for this topic, just relax and read...

For the time being let's put everything we have heard, stadium sizes or construction projects aside and just listen to our hearts...i'm just curious where everyone would rather see a team, purely based on all qualities of a city OUTSIDE OF SPORTS.

Personally i'd much rather see a team in Halifax. To me, Halifax is a far more attractive and busy city with a very interesting history. It's an amazing place to visit and i'd love to head there to watch a CFL game sometime down the road. :thup:

Don't care.

As long as there's a stadium that meets the requirements and a committed owner, either berg will do just fine.


That's what I'm thinking, and some people have started pushing the idea. It's looking like this can only really work if you play games in both places in order to draw from a wider pool of fans over the course of the year. If Halifax had a new stadium, you could play 2-3 games in Moncton at the existing one (and the costs of setting it up would be lessened if you can use those temporary stands for multiple games).

Agree, both with games in each unless one city built an awesome stadium but the money isn't there for that so why not really make it a true regional team from the beginning.

Yep. Makes sense.
If both had suitable CFL standard stadiums, go with both and call them the Atlantic ___________'s

If I had to choose just one, it would be Halifax as economically and population density seems most logical.

I like that plan. Here in PEI I'm 2 hours from Moncton and 4 from Halifax. I could see Island fans maybe getting to Moncton a couple of times a year like people do for concerts, but not many would go 8x. It's a $50 bridge toll for starters. Obviously it would all need savvy marketing with a good sense of the local scene and ideally without the traditional woes of expansion teams (remind me, did the Renegades ever make the playoffs?).

My 2cents

I love Hafilax
My favorite Canadian city so far
It'd be great to see them get a franchise

I doubt GM's coaches and players would be all that enthusiastic about the instability an impermanence of playing in 2 cities.
Home games are as much about relaxing and chilling out as they are about home crowd support.
A starting franchise would be foolish to accept being hobbled like this from the get-go.

building two 25,000 seat stadiums for one team is never going to happen.

Sorry, I meant one team in Moncton and one team in Halifax. Not two regions hosting one team; I agree that that would not work.

I know Moncton is more accessible to the region, but having visited both Moncton and Halifax, the latter just seems so much more substantive a city and would have to rely much less on the regionalization of the team.

Just my feeling though, I don't have facts to back that up.

I believe if this is going to work, it will be in Halifax.
Having said that, I want to see a team in a city that wants the CFL. That means which ever city proves it can support a team by building a modern stadium, has a large enough fanbase and corporate sector.

I doubt that either Moncton or Halifax by itself has enough corporate support; it will require all the Atlantic region to support a team. Besides, it could take a very, very long time for Halifax to get it together to build any kind of even half-suitable facility.

That's the rub.
Heck we have been trying to get one stadium for years and still do not have it.
No chance, one city or the other.

It would be sweet to wake up one day and the headline's read "CFL expands to Quebec City, Halifax, and Moncton, and returned to Ottawa".

It would be doable I think with the stadiums in place. More corporate support because we'd have a 12 team league all in Canada. That would be incredible.

Back in the day, greenbay and Milwaukee shared the packers. i could see moncton and halifax doing something similar. they could do 4 games in one city, then five in the other, then the next year switch. Or make the 9th game a neutral site game in a place like Newfoundland. Now, im not sure what greenbay did about the playoffs. i guess whoever has the largest stadium

It would be nice to see a team in Toronto. :cowboy:


Its a military town, and a lot of Sask and Manitoba natives join the Navy, which would bring some of the West's famous enthusiasm for the CFL game. That is the kind of seed that can spread and grow and develop into a wider fan base.

Atlantic Admirals based in Halifax would be nice, IMO.

or Halifax Huskies.

maybe they could play 1 reg.season game in Moncton every year, no way would i want a team based in Moncton.