Moncton to host regular season CFL game 2010

According to a report in the Moncton Times & Transcript it appears as though the Canadian Football League is planning on holding a regular season game in Moncton next season.

New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham has reportedly confirmed that the game will be held at the University of Moncton, however it is unknown which teams will be participating or when the actual game will take place.

There is expected to be an official announcement in the next few weeks.

I hope it happens, it would be great. Maybe announce it during Grey Cup week I'm thinking.

I’m a little surprised it would be a regular season game as that takes away from mid-form gate revenue.

I totally agree with doing this on a more regular and consistent basis with the pre-season games however, especially in untapped markets and potential expansion cities. Teams that draw low attendance numbers should be chosen like Hamilton and Montreal. Yes I know Montreal sells out every game but they get capped at 20,202 every single time until the playoffs at the

You need to maximize the flow of money where and when you can.
If expansion is truly on the radar for Cohon, then he needs to give them a little taste just to create the desire.
Either way it’s still a good thing for the CFL, New Brunswick and the east coast in general.

That's good I guess.
But I heard commish Cohon say how the corporate sponsors will have to make up the shortfall from the lack of seating.
In another words, Moncton will have to buy and rightfully so the event and compensate the league and the team that looses this as a home game.

good news, I guess Montreal will more than likely be one of the teams, and it would be one of their home games, the other other will be either Hamilton or Toronto.

but why a regular season game? aren't preseason games important anymore? That would be the best time to test new markets, rules, or to just show the CFL in places like Saskatoon or in the Maritime. Does the CFL have to do almost everything the NFL way now? I'm not too happy about that.

I have always said how the CFL should have a third pre season game for each team in a neutral site, being the territory of each team or a potentian new franchise location.

forget it, Saskatoon isn't getting a 2nd team.. EVER!

...I would agree that Saskatoon will never get a 2nd team, but I wouldn't be so quick to say they'd never get a 1st team....

Saskatoon may get a team, but nobody on this board will be alive when it happens.

There is little doubt that Saskatoon is the best CFL expansion site. A team could most assuredly draw consistent 20,000 crowds, maybe even 25,000. You can't say that about any other city, perhaps including Ottawa.

The problem with Saskatoon is the fear they would just cannibalize fans from the Riders...But the Riders currently earn nearly twice as much revenue than any other CFL team. Perhaps it makes sense to invest that largesse in another Sask team?

The solution could be having the Saskatoon team and Riders owned by the same "non-profit" Sask corporation, which would operate both clubs at an arms length basis. Each team would have it's own BOG, mgt, coaches and scouts and compete against one another equally. But the revenues from each team would be shared with the other Sask team. This way if Saskatoon drained off revenue from Regina, that money is still going into the same pot... and potentially much bigger pot with a northern Sask team. :thup:

…oh, for a second there I thought you said the collective money could be going to pot, not ‘into’ the pot…

The Maritimes could very easily strongly support a franchise much the same way Saskatchewan supports the Rough Riders. Moncton is a geographically ideal location being within 2-3 hours from Fredericton,Halifax,St. John, and PEI. The area now supports major outdoor concerts like The Stones...Paul McCartney...etc.The only hurdle would be a stadium, the Maritimes provincial goverments could pool their resources and make this happen. The region needs a modern and decent size sport and entertainment complex anyways.So I say bring on the Maritime Maulers and let Winnepeg go back into the Western Conference where they belong.

As hot as the fans of Saskatchewan have been and with the awesome sellouts and unbelievable merchandise now rivaling the Leafs and Habs, why wouldn't a team in Saskatoon work?
The province is on an up swing, people are moving in from all parts of Canada and the Toon is far enough away, no?
It's an economic boom, so take advantage.
A new dome stadium in Regina and a new 30,000 seater in Saskatoon.

This is great news for the enitre league!

I agree that it would be great if the league would add another preseason game. That was the Ti-Cats could play a game in London each year. Montreal could play in Quebec City and or out east. etc....

Then it will make sense that Montreal will be the home team, balancing out the Moncton game with a regular season game at Stade Olympique. That game will be against Toronto, possibly Hamilton. My guess is that the Moncton game will be vs. Ray and the Eskimos.

No, it will be a neutral site game, both teams who play in the game, will still get their 9 home games. The league won't have much of a problem balancing their home and away schedule. It will be a divisional game for that reason.

What a great vote getter for harper, invest in CFL stadiums in quebec city and the maritimes,2 places where he needs votes and then give a 1 year tax break of some sort to the other teams to keep them happy.

Saskatoon has a team called the Riders.... Just because they play at Taylor Field doesn't mean they aren't the Saskatchewan Roughriders.... Last time I checked, Saskatoon is in Saskatchewan....

What does this have to do with balancing schedules? Since Moncton has no team, then it’s obviously a neutral site. This is a showcase game. Hamilton and Toronto have been done. Montreal is the logical choice geographically and culturally. The CFL should want a western team in the game.

In the NHL the Floridia Panthers play in ... Floridia. Where does Tampa Bay fit in then? It can be done. It's just a name.