Moncton to be one of the Hosts of 2015 Womens World Cup

Does this mean that the Atlantic Schooners will finally have their home?

We can all hope so as I saw it for myself at TD Atlantic.
They just need to upgrade the stadium and find an owner, both which are doable.

I'd like to see the league match an American owner if we can't find a local one. Someone like Bob Wethenhaul. If the league could find an owner. The Mayor could find the money to upgrade the stadium.

There just isn't the corporate presence or stadium to make it happen in Moncton or anywhere east of Montreal for who knows how long, just isn't there.

Actually weird. I had a chat with someone who's an exec with one of the very large Atlantic based corp today. What he told me was that they would be ready to sponsor the hell out of a cfl team and mop up losses, they just don't want to own it for fear of being in the political crosshairs and caught in a battle between Moncton and Halifax.

This should help Ottawa...

Either way, glad to see a city like Moncton be rewarded for being progressive. Already that stadium has hosted the World Junior Championships in Athletics, and two CFL games, plus numerous other events as well as now FIFA soccer. Pretty good investment. The amount of exposure and economic activity this stadium has already brought to Moncton is huge.

Hopefully more cities take their lead…

And they've taken the Uteck Bowl away for 3 years too. That stadium is paying off big time.