Moncton Tickets

Did anybody else buy Moncton tickets today? I'm wondering about what your experience was like. I bought tickets right at 9:00 AM , and tried for the best available on our side of the field. A pop-up told me that Section 4 was not available, so I bought section 5. I told one of my friends my seat locations, and he tried a few minutes later to buy similar seats. He was informed that section 5 was not available, and bought section 6.

Initially, it gave us East side. We then realized you could specify the section. Got section W 5 at around 9:10am

I'm trying to buy pre-sale tickets on the moncton website - but it appears to have crashed ! I have several trying from multiple locations.....what a joke...... :oops:

I hope I still manage to get through...we went last year and it was a blast.


Site now says:

"The application is not initialized and is unavailable.

Please contact the System Administrator."


Appears the demand "overloaded" the system. Not good news for those looking for tickets but good news for football fans as demand seems to be as strong as last year.

This is the same ticketing system that processes 100,000+ tickets for U2 or the Stones etc. It's usually pretty solid.

Good Luck getting through. I'm stuck in the Virtual Waiting room also.


I called through to the box office line, to see if they could help - but all they said was 'keep trying the website'.......

I was able to get through on the website at the very first at 1000, but couldn't get 3 platinum seats together. As a test, I tried 3 red zone tickets and got those, but cancelled that order because I am not going to sit there.

After that - the site fried. Now it won't even let you 'stay' in the waiting room and it boots you out of there as well.

I was able to get my U2 tickets the day they went on sale no problem......

Keep me posted with how every one is doing out there.



I did get 2 tickets yesterday on-line but it took several attempts…I wasn’t impressed and feel that season ticket holders should have been able to buy from the Ticats. :thdn: 2 long distance phone calls wasted to the Ticats and almost an hour playing the games with that website. :thdn: Another downer is their processing fees! :thdn:

Don’t get me wrong…I’m happy to be going but REALLY, I could have been handled better! :wink:

Seems like the site is working again. Did get some tickets but only in the north endzone. (at least the north endzone gets southern sun, on a sunny day)

Looks like a another quick sell out.

Update: Managed to get 3 in Section 11 -- same as last year.

It look about 50-60 attempts of submitting my request until I got a 'bite'

Crazy sytem they have.


No problems on my end. Logged on at 9:00, got tickets right away 55 yardline, West 4, Row C, Behind the CATS bench :smiley: :thup:

I got tickets on Monday in the season seat pre-sale. Two of us (one from Lodnon and one from Guelph) are going down Friday via Westjet out of Hamilton. Does Anyone know if the tickets will be "commemorative" and collectible like Grey Cup tix? They should be. I didn't know, so I paid $10 extra to have Xpresspost mail them to my home in London, in the hopes that some special tickets will be mailed, vs getting the print at home internet kind. For the $200 I spent on 2 platinum tickets, they better be. Who knows the anser to this?

Check out the interesting article in the Times Transcript with the feedback on the Moncton ticket site ... mostly negative.

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