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Just a bit of reading on a slow news day in Moncton.

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I guess there will be lots of Cats stories as the powers to be start to hype The Cats as the Home Team for Touchdown Atlantic II.

It will be interesting to see if The Cats actually get treated like a Home Team or just a Neutral team when the game rolls around. The Eskies seemed liked the Home Team last to me last year. (who would want to cheer for Ar...) I did notice a few Cats shirts at the game. There was quite a contingent of fans down from Edmonton and Calgary last year.

If anyone is plannning to make the trip down to Moncton and needs some advise on Hotels etc, PM me and I'll try to help out. I would book early, you can always cancel later.

I never really seriously thought of the Cats playing back to back home games in Moncton during the reconstruction of IWII.
If others have already said this then forgive me please.

After a pause to think and even as a season ticket holder, a schedule where the Cats play two consecutive fridays or Saturdays
in Moncton might not be a bad idea for the team. They could do it in July and even if necessary again in mid-September for a total of four home games but only two to two and a half weeks away from Hamilton.

I would love them to play at Ron Joyce as I could and would go but still cannot see how you can get more than about 8-10 thousand even with temp seating and hate the idea of Rogers Centre as the home team where as in Moncton if they want a team eventually they could sure test the market big time with four games in a three month period but only taking the team away from Hamilton for a two and a half week period for the Cats themselves.

By the way does anyone know if the team is going to practice at Ron Joyce when the construction is going on at IWII or have they even thought that far ahead?

Just some musings on the subject

A great idea for the Cats to play all of their games in Moncton, I have been there last year with my Argos and it was awesome.
Although unsure before arriving, after the wonderful weekend there is no doubt in my mind Moncton will be the 10th franchise.
And wouldn't it be great if they could come in the same time as Ottawa.

I agree, Moncton is ripe for the CFL, right size and passionate about the Canadian game. It wouldn't bother me if Moncton hosted the cats for the entire season that IWS is under construction.
Go Cats Go!!


I said it in another thread, 2013 may be the year of the East Coast Tiger-Cats...

watch for it!

CFL franchise in Moncton? Do you know any owners?
You can have a stadium and fans that want to pay go to games but without millionaire owners to absorb the losses there’s no team in Moncton. You also need a corporate community that is going to advertise. You need lots of corporate boxes and suite leases.
Even Edomonton made a big loss last year and they average over 35,000 fans a game.
Unless the league comes up with a huge TV contract I can’t see any expansion. I’m not sure the league would really want to share TV revenue with 10 teams.

I don’t want to be pessimistic but I just can’t see more than 9 teams in the CFL.

I think there could be a possibility for the Argos to relocate to the east coast. Not saying that's good or bad or otherwise but with Braley in control, well, who knows.

I remember sending an email to Damien Cox I think it was who wrote an article about the CFL taking a big gamble on Toronto that the 100th GC played there will be lost. I mentioned it doesn't matter if hardly anyone from Toronto notices, the CFL at larger recognizes and respects the historical importance of the 1st one played there and the game will be sold-out regardless if Toronto notices or cares.

And if the Argos did relocate out east at some point, having an ex game in Toronto wherever, even if few people showed up from Toronto, would again be courteous and respectful to Toronto, like the NFL does with Canton.

EARL... Perish the thought... Argos moving out East. After waiting too many years to mention for a CFL game/team whatever, don't even joke about moving the Argos out here. What a cruel joke that would be. :lol: You wish has been granted, you didn't say you wanted a real team...

Sincere apologies Sno. You do have a point there I must say. :wink: :thup:

First, Edmonton did not lose any money. If you read the reports they made a ton. The GC earned them a profit of $5.2M and they also paid out towards stadium improvements. So the creative accounting showed a minor loss after these expenses which when offset with the income generated shows a bottom line loss.
Edmonton and Saskatchewan year after year make a very healthy profit.
While the remaining four teams have also made a handsome profit. Because they are privately owned the Als and Stamps do not have financial statments but with the new reno stadium and the one regular season game played in the dome and the eastern final and with the crowds regularly 50,000+, I would not be surprised if Wettnehaul is approaching profit comprable to the two top teams.
Meanwhile the reports from Calagary is how the team has made money every year since the new ownership group came in.
That leaves BC and Winnipeg. The former made money last several years while the Peg may have lost a small amount the last year for sure.
Granted, Hamilton and Toronto have lost big coin for many years. With a renovated stadium coming in the Hammer that will likely change.
Your comments about the TV deal as has been a topic of discussion for many years is most definitely Tom Wright biggest mistake was the signing of the low yearly deal at what around $16M.
With the TV audience approaching hockey numbers, most experts believe how the deal should at least double when signed in 2012. I would anticipate in the $30M-$50M annual range.
So with Ottawa and Moncton hopefully coming in the pot will be divided for sure but there is more to be had.
Oh yes, Moncton does have several wealthy owners waiting to invest in the team as when I was there last year the mayor came out and said this very fact without naming the persons.

Moncton has wealthy people there? :?

Earl I though the very same thing you are now suggesting.
Except I quickly changed my mind when I visited last year and also did some additional research.
McCain Foods are in the catbird seat.
Here is the list for you.

McCain's could certainly fit the bill.

The list leaves out the Irvings. They have a few dollars too. :wink: They already run the Wildcats in the QMJHL ( and do a bang up job with them. I imagine they could could draw from all this marketing experience with a CFL team.

If your bored sometime, it's always fun to try list the companies The Irvings own.

Irving family wealth

Many business magazines place the combined book value of the Irving empire at an estimate of approximately $7-9 billion (US), ranking it second in Canada.

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Yes you are right.
However they have been known to be frugal over the years.