Moncton Stadium

I've been trying to read up on the stadium going up in Moncton but I haven't been able to find any articles after March, 2006.

The plans are still going ahead, right? Can anyone provide links to some more recent articles?

This might be a good stadium model to follow for all cities planning one! Note that it seats anywhere from 22-64,000! Probably pretty cheap to build too!

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it looks like a dump.

What really? I thought those unpainted planks were the height of luxury. :lol:

If you look further down on that page there is a link to their new stadium :slight_smile:

I guess no one from Moncton can tell us what ever became of the hot to trot Mayor who pursued the CFL and was in running for the TD Atlantic Xibition game.
Did he get re elected and if so, what's his current position?

Moncton Wolves. if they get the team.

then y didnt u post THAT link in the first place?

I thought I would try and make people laugh. Sorry, I forgot that a sense of humour is frowned upon here. I promise I won't try that again.

Hahaha, you turned it into an expansion thread, not me! :slight_smile:

New Brunswick Mikmaqs
New Brunswick Loyalists

Both are the same in english and french, good for Canada's only billingual province.

no one can answer the original question.

Just so long as it's not Atlantic Wolves, Atlantic Mikmaqs, or Atlantic Loyalists.

Moncton lost out to a city in Poland for the rights to host the 2008 World Junior Track and Field Championships. However, the city did win the rights to host the 2010 World Junior Track and Field Championships. The city of Moncton is combining with the University of Moncton to build a 10000 seat stadium. The federal government is investing $6 million.

The budget for stadium construction is $13 million. The federal government will pay $6 million, the province $5 million, and the city $2 million. The operating costs for the stadium are to be split between the city and the University of Moncton.

Well its a start.

Here is a good stadium Idea