Moncton nickname

Ok IF Moncton got a team what would be their nickname?

Any team in the Atlantic provinces would have to be the Atlantic Schooners.

The Mirage

Moncton Manics
The Logo would MM With Knife Going Threw it.


Moncton Moonshiners

The Moncton Lobsters

New Brunswick Mikmaqs

New Brunswick Sea Stars

New Brunswick St. Pats

New Brunswick Partisans

How about the Atlantic Argos? Hey! If there can be 2 Roughriders then why not?


Yes, call them the Moncton Roughriders or Maritime Roughriders or New Brunswick Roughriders!
As well, let Ottawa back in and change their name back to the roughriders!!!!!
Then the Roughriders would have a better chance to make the Grey Cup each year!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

What else?

The Moncton Herring-Chokers! Hey I'm from St. Andrews, NB! I can say that!!!

Or, Moncton:

  • Chowderheads?
  • Mud?
  • Tide?
  • Bore (only people who've watched the tidal bore will know what I mean by that!)?
  • Magnets?

Seriously, I think the Atlantic Schooners have to become a reality whether or not they're in Hali' or Moncton!

I like the Atlantic Schooners as well truth be known. But 'Tide' is interesting in a Miami Heat sort of way.


Bring back the Mad Dogs.

Yeah! And if Tulane University Football:

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...can be the Green Wave, then why not Tide? I like it too!

"The Atlantic Tide"... hmmm! Nah! Schooners!

halifax mariners, halifax vikings, halifax folkmen. if you want the name to be associated with the coast.

if not anything is fair game
halifax footballers, halifax roughnecks.

and just for fun cuz we all know it'll happen
the halifax pushovers.
lol just had to get a little cheap shot in there.

Saskatchean Roughriders
Ottawa Rough Riders

Got to make it a different spelling, otherwise it's dumb. So to add to Kel's idea then, if it came to pass, they'd have to call themselves the Argoes.

Moncton Screech? No, that'd be Newfoundland, wouldn't it?

What about the name Marshals, just bring it up from the team in the Maritime Football League?

Screaming Muskrats~)

Except Kel spell it will a small A...argos, that way we wont look bush league.... :roll: