Moncton Meet & Greet

For those heading to Moncton.....

The unofficially ticats home is AT:
The Old Triangle Moncton

19 sept - 22 sept
Welcome to The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse – Moncton, NB

The Old Triangle Moncton
751 Main Street
New Brunswick
E1C 1E5
(506) 384-7474
(506) 38-IRISH

[url=] ... 1486780385[/url]

Friday Night, MEET AND GREET
CFLFFC Fund Raiser, all proceeds go to Moncton Cancer Center

any questions, call me at 289 439 3221

Perfect location , ........ was there in 2010 when the Argo's made this place their home and it was amazing fun ........ great Maritime music ..........get there early though as seating is limited ....... can't wait.

shameless bump :smiley:

Anyone aware of any Schedule of Activities for TouchDOWN ATLANTIC ?

So are you driving down to Moncton or flying ? Are you getting there a few days early ? Do you have any idea if Moncton has setup any schedule of events ?
like concerts ? player appearances ? street parties ? team gatherings ? gatherings at moncton satdium

Do you have any idea where the ticats players are staying and / or most of the fans ?

we re heading down that way On friday Sept 13 to visit Cabot Trail / cAPE breton for 2-3 days of comaping and then Halifax 1-2 days prior to going to Moncton for the the Touchdown Atlantc festivities around Wednesday through the saturday..we plan to ht Quebec City for a few days on the way back ..oh yes we are driving .

Any idea of how many ticats fans are heading down

I was there during the first which was sold out, has anyone heard if this one is hopefully near a sellout?

Enjoy the Cabot trail. It is insanely beautiful, make sure you do the whole loop and make sure your brakes are in perfect order before your trip.

In Halifax, make sure you grab an Ale at "The lower deck".

On your trek back to Moncton I recommend you stop in Truro and try the fish and chips at Murphy's. The best you will ever have and ask for a slice of mom's Butterscotch Pie.

hI HfxTC ,

Thanks for this info :slight_smile: i didn't realize brakes coudl be an issue wow :slight_smile:

Are you going to the game ? If so have you seen any party plans / schedules ?

I have been doing some google searches for Moncton Touchdown atlantic and have found no schedule of events


Looks like we will make it… driving out with a visit to my brother’s place in Maine first. We will be arriving on Friday and heading back home right after the game.

Only 16 day to go and 15 before we Fly out. Flying out of Toronto on flight AC8936 departure time 12:35pm and arrive in Moncton at 331PM

Yeah. I have my tickets in row A on the Als side and I booked my hotel from Thursday to Sunday. I haven't seen anything yet. A DJ friend of mine is booked to be spinning at Cosmo. Moncton is always a fun town on the weekend. Weather here has been gorgeous so far, if it can hold up for a a few more weeks it should be great. We are still getting mid 20's in the day time around 15 to 19 at night.

Cabot Trail and National Park: When you first start your climb there is a road sign that says you will climb 700 meters over the next 2.6km so yes brakes work hard and you must be attentive at all times its hard because the view is breath taking.... That's the kind of climbs you do, there are small stations every half a kilometer or so that allow you to pull over and take pictures. its absolutely fantastic. The camp ground is world class and the people very sweet. There is also a local keltic pub there that has live music on the weekend and a couple good spots in Sydney. Keep in mind that its a very long drive. from the Park back to Halifax could take as much as seven hours going around the trail. If you have any questions just PM me.

Groovy. Looking forward it

It does not look there are going to be events planned like other years , if there are league sponsered parties etc leading up to the game then the CFL is keeping it a big secret......we have seen or heard anything from the league (who is running the game) so I can only assume this is the case.

Soooooooooo, the fans going from Montreal and Hamilton can still meet up and make our own noise and party .....just wear your team gear and the rest will take care of itself. I am hoping that the two teams have their cheerleaders and players etc making appearances at a pub or something ......the fans going deserve at least that ........ Karen's post indicates the Old Triangle Bar is the official bar of the Cats .......not sure what happening with the Alouettes..........if would be helpful if the teams PR folks would put out something in regards to appearances by team personnel , times etc .........maybe its too early for that yet , but hopefully it will happen as we get closer.

When in Moncton. I usually start my evening at the St-James and then go to Cosmos till its time to go to bed :slight_smile:

Only 5 days to go and ill be in Moncton, see you all there. GO CATS GO!
So far the weather looks promising…

[url=] ... ck/moncton[/url]

Weather has been great and it will continue all week. Spent the day around the pool in our bathing suits, evenings are mid-teens and quite comfortable with a sweater or hoodie. Those coming down for extended visit will get mid twenties and sun all week in Nova Scotia.

Not to rain on anyone's parade and especially since I was sold on Moncton when attending the first TD Atlantic, this will likely be the last.
To think no corporation or solid owner wants to step up and with no funds to renovate the stadium.

Took five years to find a solution in Ottawa where there was a stadium. Took 83 years to replace IW. But let’s give up on expansion to Atlantic Canada after 3 “exhibition” game…Don’t start a business :wink:

Its a process. I wrote that it could be 10 years.

Only 4 days and counting till we fly out, hope to see a lot of you there! Oskee Wee Wee

Rain, snow, sleet, sun... its going to be a good weekend in Moncton

It will happen someday. I believe it. :thup: