Moncton get money for stadium.....

could it bring a CFL team to the area before Halifax.they get 9 million from the goverment today for a 10 000 seat stadium for it think the canada games bid.

yea, cuz the CFL is gonna play in a 10,000 seat stadium for anything other than TD atlantic X games.

by the looks of the plans it can be expanded for more seats

When talk of maritime expansio was happening I remember reading that Montcon wanted the team citing that in a given readius (can't remember what it was, 3 hours maybe) Moncton cold draw from more people than Halifax could.

There is no doubt how Moncton was/is more pro active then Halifax.
Is the same mayor still in office as the last couple of years? He was feally gungho.

But the problem with Moncton having more people in a 3-hour radius is, it's a HUGE radius ... How many people are going to drive 3 hours for a football game?

In a 3-hour radius around Calgary, for example, there's probably well over 2.5 million people. Likewise, in a 3-hour radius around Edmonton, there's easily more than 2 million people. Calgary and Edmonton are 3 hours away ... and for example, I don't think many people from Red Deer drive down for Stamps games, or up for Esks games.

The population needs to be densely concentrated ...

Don't hold me to the 3 hour radius. I can't recall the radius that was quoted. I was just throwing it out there to make a point.

And the only place that happens in the Maritimes is in Halifax...if the CFL allows the team to set up in Moncton, it will fail; would you drive many hours & miles when the economy is rough? In times of economic downturn-such as a spike in fuel prices-how many people will make the drive, even if they already have tickets?[/b]

it is a 3 hour radius....which is 2 hours too big for practicality, in this case.

if the team stinks, how many fans can you count on to drive 3 hours to watch the crap team?...not enough to consistantly fill a stadium and keep the team alive for 3 or 4 years.

imagine the tigercats relying on majority of fans to drive 3 hours to see them....they'd be toast!

True...they would have to make it a cult thing..
Just like Prider pride, out in the Gap...
Will it work? thinks not..
Dare to dream though....Go Moncton GO..

3 hours isn't bad. Do you know how many Rider fans come from all over the province to see their team play. If the Maratimes can build a decent sized stadium (35,000-45,000) and get a good team going then a 3 hour radius will be no problem at all. If done right.

I don’t think you can compare Sask fans to this situation. The Riders have been around for a long time. An expansion team needs to try and grab as many fans as it can right away. I don’t think THAT many people drive 3 hrs to go to Riders games. And maybe there’s another reason that I don’t know of - for example, was there a bit of an exodus from Regina a while back? That may have moved some Rider fans out of Regina, who decided to keep coming back for games, which may have got their kids into it, etc …
Basically, I think Sask is a special case, and one that would be very hard to pull off in a new market.

Great news for Moncton. But I'll stand by what I think: neither Halifax nor Moncton have the population base to support a CFL team in a 25,000 seat stadium, no way.

Now this is why part of me would like to see the CFL go smaller. Heck, this country has nice new 10,000 stadiums in London, Saskatoon and now Moncton, I'm sure Quebec City soon will upgrade theirs - and all are out of reach for having a CFL team due to the finances of the CFL. Pretty soon CIS stadiums will be better, heck they already are in some cases, than some CFL stadiums. I go to London to watch the Mustangs and TD Waterhouse Stadium there is much nicer than Ivor Wynne here in Hamilton. Yes, it only holds 10,000 compared with 29,000 for Ivor Wynne and doesn't have the corporate boxes of Ivor Wynne. But apart from that, it is a nicer stadium. Something is amiss here.

Not enough revenue can be produced out of a 10,000 seat stadium to support a CFL team that has it's current calibre of players. Therefore, whereas I like the idea of smaller market teams, it is simply not economically feasible. Unless of course we want to watch double the TV commercials, which there are already too many of.

Well, the key is calibre of the players as you say BigDog and if this is reduced, the established CFL markets now won't be happy and that would not be good, I agree. Better wait for one of these potential markets that really want in to expand their stadiums and make it of CFL size to be able to operate a team successfully.

i live 3 hours away from Halifax and i would go to see a game there

I still think Ottawa and Quebec City are the best bets.

Anyone else notice some recurring themes around here.

Perhaps instead of the stickies that we have at the top of the page, maybe we should have stickies for stadium talk, tv numbers, and maybe why the NFL is never coming to Toronto.

The government has to give tax breaks to CFL teams the way the U.S. has all types of tax breaks for their sports teams. That's the problem. Too many left-wing Liberal governments who don't give a shit about sports. They would rather hand out freebies to feminists and socialist hippies. :twisted:

This stadium in Moncton is being built without the CFL in mind. I was watching the news and the mayor actually said "we'll leave that for Halifax". That shocked me.

that wont work Earl, the costs of TV, players salaries, marketing, travel, all add up. CFL players have to be able to earn a living too.
I think Moncton and Halifax should share a team just like Milwaukee and Greenbay once did.
IF these stadiums are being build anyway then why not play half the games in one city and half the games in the other city.
As far as 3 hours travel , that is not a problem for CFL fans. I travel from Winnipeg to Regina and back in one day just to watch the game.