Moncton complainer!!

Check out this guy from Moncton. Reply to him with your thoughts

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All he is doing is complaining about internet scalpers extremely high prices which is a very valid point. Whats the issue here?

I understand where he's coming from. Locals get the last crack at tickets after all the good stuff is picked over in the two participating market (understandable) but it appears a large portion of those season ticket holders are using the opportunity to scam and pay for their season tickets or trip through scalping the Moncton game tickets.

Scalping is illegal and because the way the tickets are sold 1- sponsors 2- Season ticket holders in Calgary and Hamilton and 3- Atlantic football fans, makes the problem worse and its no surprise the fans are passing on the lovely end zone seats.

If you don't want to use the right to buy and attend the event, leave it the f... alone and let families take in the event. Obviously if people are scalping tickets the day they bought them, months before the game. The intent is to break the law and frankly people in Atlantic Canada are not use to that behavior.

It okay the Skelpers will make money on these one time events
they lose it when Team comes to Moncton in 5 to 10 years

For me guys trying to get their money back because of a change in plan or dumping a couple tickets at the door to put gas in their car is not a problem, people making a business out of it are scum.

Tom, seriously, you need to be a little more, look on the bright side, for Gaw'd sakes find something to be happy and positive about!

Perhaps there will be a silver lining in all this. If they find that there is a need for more seating...maybe they will be able to put more in? I don't know, but a sell-out is a nice problem to have! Besides, those coming from out of town will inject a whole lot more into the local economy than the locals themselves. (restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, shopping) I know in our own case we are going to make a "weeks holiday" out of it. :wink:

Dont Sweat The Small Stuff Moonbase !!!! :oops:

There is still seats available on the Moncton.Tickets web site at face value :wink: You might have to cut your losses !!

I will take 2 platnum tickets for 100 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I never sweat the small stuff tc23!! :lol:

Enjoy your seats on the 55 yard line behind the Ticats bench!! And oh, buy me a tickets to the Grey Cup, Im going for sure!! :wink:

Question.. what was there to sweat in the first place? All I see in that persons kiji post is a plea for people to not get ripped off by internet scalpers.

Is your issue that you are one of these scalpers?

It certainly can be frustrating seeing tickets scalped the day after they go on sale. My Dad is 80 and has never been to a live CFL game. I signed up for the presale two straight years, and was on line with a high speed connection before the tickets went on sale both years. This year had 2 computers signed in. Both years couldn't even get 2 decent seats together. We did grab 6 in the end zone again this year but can't have Dad walking a mile. Hard to figure that you can't get even 2 in the grandstand and yet scalpers have them for sale the next day. Oh well, if we ever get a team, season tickets will fix this problem I guess.

Dont worry about it zenstate, its an inside joke, something you need not concern yourself with, go eat your cheesys :cowboy:

I'm much more a corn chip guy :slight_smile:

Provincial ticket speculation laws are getting harder to enforce after the government of British Columbia put their stamp of approval on the practice at the last Winter Olympics. Enforcement would now fail at the Supreme Court level most likely due to the precedent.

I checked around and locals aren't picking up end zone tickets, they rather wait hoping better seats are put back on the market, after the local markets playing have been served. Maybe the league should offer a better mix to Atlantic fans instead of leaving them with the worst tickets...then again ???