Moncton City Council Reaches Agreement on TD Atlantic

No, the title is no a typo.

The game is 1 month away, and they were still negotiating with city council on costs for the game. What a gong show.

It seems the big issue was the city wanted to rent the stadium to the Schooners for the game, but didn’t want to pay to install the endzone turf and other equipment (which the city owns). It seems to me that if you lease a stadium for a football game, the stadium should be providing a complete field, which should be included in the cost of the rent. There has to be more to the story.

Gong show indeed

The stadium isn’t owned by the City. It is owned by the University.

So the League is renting from the City of Moncton a stadium that does not belong to them but for which they have an amicable arrangement to use the stadium for city use “on occasion”.

The University, however, isn’t going to pay staff and rent equipment so that the city can put money in its coffers.

In other words, University is saying to the city. Here is the stadium for x amount of days, the rest is up to the city. The city probably assumed the University would do this stuff for free. :slight_smile:

Gong show indeed

Well, that makes a whole lot more sense. Also, it clarifies the ownership thing as I was pretty sure it was owned by the University.

It also makes Moncton’s statement last year about being happy to host the Schooners for a couple of years while the Halifax stadium gets built a little less exciting.

Exactly. Like having your brother-in-law call about coming for a week.

“That’ll be great! You’ll be staying with the Jeffersons across the street.”

The vote itself was likely a formality for arrangements agreed to months ago. Much like one that will happen in Calgary on Monday :wink:

With it passing by 7-3 margin there was never really any risk of this not moving forward otherwise the game would have never been scheduled.

As long as it’s not Cousin Eddie.

“Your shi**er’s broke.” lol