Moncton: CAL. vs HAM.

Thumbs up for a good game.

looking good so far..

I can't believe that they can't take that little stadium, put some money into it and make another 15,000 seats and get a football team in there.

I guess they need an owner.

where is everyone?? :expressionless:

May have changed the channel when TSN's NFL pregame show went into hour 3. :thdn:

How was that PI

Hello, grandson watching cartoons for now....


Over on the Ti-Cat board. I'm wondering if most of the Sask. and Wpg. fans are still in shock, the B.C. fans still grinning too hard to type, and the Montreal fans just too casual as always. That leaves Eskie fans, I guess.

Canada Cricket Farm - Kitchener Ont.

Hamilton playing well >> pressure leading to fumble recovery >> TD: 24-14 Ti-Cats at the Half.

At work :cry:

I like to think it's a combination of me wearing a red shirt and picking Calgary to win this week :lol:

Oh man, the neck isn't supposed to bend like that. Hope it's not serious. :frowning:

Relieved to see Matt Carter's okay. Not good to see that, no matter who it is or what team they're on.

Real nice TD dance there, #41. :wink:

Calgary getting back in; nice deke and run for TD 27-21 Hamilton
Glad Carter is O.K. for the most part

Yeah, huge relief to see him on his feet.

Not sure about the dance, but that's some great breakout speed.

Premier looks pretty good in a Riders jersey. :thup:

At least the maritime fans are seeing a much better game this year. The way Hamilton has been playing lately, I wasn't too optimistic about that happening...

Good game so far.
Anyone know if this game sold out officially?

If you ever need to show someone why the CFL owns and why the rouge is a fantastic part of our game, show them that play.
What a play and what a game for Marcus Thigpen :thup:

Man Thigpen is going to be asking them to play every game in Moncton! Guy's on fire.