Moncton anybody going ?

Anybody going, is there a Ticat ticket deal , I checked Westjet as they fly direct out of the hammer, Hotels ? The ALs are for the taking this year ! GO ATLANTIC :thup:

Ticat fans won't drive to Guelph, so I can't see many flying to Moncton!!

Flight, Hotel is booked $856 return includes 2 Nights at the Delta paid and flight leaving out of Toronto Air Canada flight #AC8936 departure time 1235pm on the 21st. Game Tickets bought and received $87.50 Section East 13, row D, seats 1 and 2!
Grand total $943.50 = Experience and Adventure PRICELESS!! :rockin: :rockin:

I am going to Moncton. Driving and leaving on Friday on Friday Sept 13 and touring Quebec City for a few days after the game and Cabot Trail and Halifax for the time before the game . We will be in Moncton by Thursday Sept 19 .

Anyone know of the planned events / parties in Moncton teh week of the game ? I am assuming there will be some street parties and player attended events the days leading up.

You may want to tell that to the over 500 Cat's fans from Hamilton, who took the team up on there, package offer, flight,hotel,game day ticket

Wouldn't miss it

How much was that, any idea's