Molson walks away after 15 years !

Read in it what you will...

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«La lune de miel entre les Alouettes et les Montréalais s’est diluée. Le potentiel de développement de l’Impact et du soccer me semble plus intéressant, particulièrement en cette année de Coupe du monde», a analysé M. Richelieu.

And we continue to fiddle while Rome burns… :thdn:

We may be continuing to fiddle. . but it's mid February; Rome has already burned down and the ashes are cooling. . .

It's a slooooow burn. :lol:

Labatt could sign on as the replacement sponsor yet it will still be in "Molson" stadium.

Winnipeg, Hamilton, and Ottawa all got big bucks for stadium naming rights, yet Molson walks away and still have their name on the stadium because of the Percival Molson connection.

Thus if Molson still has the naming rights, can not see Labatt wanting to come in there for 8 home games.

I heard it'll be Budweiser. They could rename it Bud Korchak stadium. I'm guessing only idealsheldon will get this one.

And it's looking like Jim will be returning as HC. I'm hoping that in exchange he accepted Wetenhall's 4 year plan.

That's a lot of sponsorship $$$ walking out the door. Perhaps St.Ambroise or Boreal will see an opportunity. Something local and a bit different would make things interesting too. I understand this contract is far more than just the drink menu, but what beer company wouldn't love to have exclusive rights to their target audience.

Just for fun: Alouettes signature beers a la stade I would stand in line for.
Selections include.
The Blitz Bitter, The Big London Lager, Proudfoot Pilsner and The Ah You Ale. :rockin:

How about the Shaun Whyte Lite!

Hahaha. Good one! :thup:

There is no naming rights. It is called McGill Stadium and the University has demanded it be called that by broadcasters and the team. But the Als never got behind it for obvious reasons... Leaves Labatt as a possibility but when you have only one possibly interested party, you are negotiating from a weak position. Micro/Mini breweries can't pay the kind of money Molson would IMO. The University and the team should sell the naming rights to the stadium and share in the profits. A dollar is a dollar and both parties can use the money.

If they did that it wouldn't just be beer companies that would bid. That contract (beer supplier, principle sponsor, etc.) can be separate from the naming of the stadium

Bell-Globe Media makes sense as TSN/RDS are the CFL broadcaster; don't want to broadcast games from Stade Videotron.

Quebecor or other big Quebec based companies might be interested, any of the banks, etc.

But the School refuses to. Maybe with Public funds about to be re-allocated in Quebec, they may be more receptive.

It is officially called Percival Molson Stadium by McGill, not McGill Stadium, you can check their website.

Whatever the case its gone back and forth in discussions between the team and the School. With McGill wanting its name on National Television and the Als fighting to keep the name of their main sponsor. So Stade Percival Molson by McGill is probably a compromise.

Bottom line its another financial obstacle for the team.

Lets just byob and will all be a little richer by next october!

Like I said in a previous post this franchise is nearing the end. Because they have been held hostage by three individuals and a very lame management (no sttements on the current situation) this will be the last season before the Als fold again.....

Who was receiving the $$$ from Molson for the naming rights?

What does the University charge the Argos to play there?

Very understandable that McGill would want their University name during broadcasts.

In Vancouver the Whitecaps play at BC place but have been able get $$$ fraom Bell that gos to the Whitecaps by calling the field during home games a Bell Pitch.

Would the Argos be able to find a 10 game sponsor that would pay to have the field to have its name.
For Example Labbatts Field at McGill stadium just during Als games ?

(1) The Alouettes play at Percival molson Stadium, not the Argos (LOL).

(2) Molson was not paying for naming rights. The stadium was named Percival Molson Stadium after Percival Molson donated his own money to the university decades ago. I doubt McGill has wanted their name on the stadium for broadcasts because they could have changed the name if that was the case. If McGill so chooses (they own the stadium) they could negotiate a universal naming rights deal for all events or one just for the Als games.

(3) I vaguely recall that when the Als first returned to PMS (couldn’t resist) that LaBatts (or maybe Carling Okeefe) was their primary sponsor and there was talk of referring to it as McGill Stadium because of the “conflict”.

Not to be picky but he left the money to them in his will...He was killed in WWI