Molson Stadium

I have never been to Molson Stadium, it looks nice on TV but I keep hearing how the seating is uncomfortable. Why doesn't the city/province/team invest in getting rid of the benches and putting in red and blue seats?

There are seats in some areas and Two by fours bolted to concrete in most of the stadium. replacing the 2x4’s with seats would probably reduce capacity to about 15 000 seats if even doable. I doubt rows are deep enough. The thing is over a 100 years old. Having said that sight lines and the vista is absolutely unbeatable. Bring a cushion and enjoy one of the best CFL football experience.

If there isn't room for seats how about replacing the benches with padded benches.

cushions with demarcation lines and numbers would be a nice upgrade.

Mais ils se détérioreraient durant l'hiver et ça commanderait pas mal de réparations. Et ça vendrait moins de coussins... :wink:

If a seat can survive winters, I'm pretty sure a bench could to. But yeah those cushions are better sellers than Jerseys :wink:

Last time I went to Molson. I got two tickets to the BC semi-final game and my son ended up out on course so I brought my wife. After about half an hour, she's staring at me. I ask... She says you paid over 400 bucks to sit on plank in the middle of November ??? What is wrong with you ? :lol:

S'attendait-elle à une chambre d'hôtel? :smiley:

On reste ici quand on visite. Anyone visiting Montreal needs to make this their hotel.

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Derrieres have to respect seats, not "demarcation lines".
As a plus-sizer I was always happy to see little kids sitting next/near to me when I visited "plank stadia".

I use to stay at hotel de la montagne . It's demolished now but had tremendous character , location , customer service and atmosphere . Not a far walk for dinner then to the games and then to the bars .

The stadium newer upper deck I find a little steeper but comfortable on a summer night .

I wish they would get a bigger replay screen and tilt it a little to towards the hill side and place a second one over the stands like old Mosaic .

I do recommend a cushion especially in the cooler weather . If you go in the summer maybe some shades not just for the sun but because the women in Montreal like going to the games and they can be a nice distraction .

I'm no fan of Molson Stadium. I went there as a boy and found it OK for amateur sports, but not for professional sports. Ambiance? Yes, it has that, but your knees are bumping the back of the person in front of you and you feel someone else's knees in your back, not to mention the uncomfortable benches. The newer sections are better.

At this point ALL CFL teams have new or renovated venues that have good sight lines and have the look and feel of a professional sports venue. I know that many on this forum don't like the Big Owe - it cost too much, it's in the East End... However, as it is oval-shaped, the sight lines are quite good. It is also directly accessible by metro and bus lines and has plenty of parking.

Other than the Bell Centre (the Forum wasn't so great either), we haven't done that well with sports venues. Jarry Park didn't have good sight lines (if you weren't between 1st and 3rd base, you had to crane your neck); the Autostade was not bad, but completely unreachable (you could only get there by heading in one direction on the Bonaventure).

I don't know if or where a new, professional-looking stadium could/would be built, or whether there would even be enough interest to do that. Sorry not to be a "homer" on this one, but I really don't find much reason to beat the drum about this old stadium.

Vista and close to the field, that's it. Certainly not good value at 200.00 a ticket. Not doing that again.

Big O is the worst of all possible combinations. Way too far from the field and not proper Video Screen to compensate.

Recent medical studies have shown that the human rear end has grown extensively in the last 100 years.

I been to Percival Molson Stadium twice. Love it. My favorite stadium in the east division. Both visits I've sat on the north side - once in the newly created north east corner and once in the north west side not too far from the building. I didn't find the bench seating to be an issue either visit. Aluminum benches both times. I didn't see any wood benches. Perfect weather both times.

The one saving grace about aluminum seating over wood, no splinters. :wink: