Molson stadium

Molson stadium is really a Jewel for Montreal and the cfl - just wondering with the inception of the fan zone
what is the seating capacity of Molson now - last night was about 22,000 in attendance and there didn’t seem to be too many empty seats

technically it's about 25 000 seats

I believe the reason ACtg says "technically, is that it is all/mostly benches, so people can spread out into unsold "seats" (or I guess numbers on a bench).

Thought it was just over 24k available seats after they removed the bleacher seating that use to be in the west end zone?

Les Alouettes avaient entrepris une poursuite après l'agrandissement car la capacité n'était pas de 25 012 sièges mais (supposément) de 24 590. Avec la suppression de l'extrémité adossée au Royal Victoria, la vraie capacité doit être effectivement tout juste au-dessus de 24 000 sièges.

^ you got it !

Bonne info :thup: