Molson stadium

When will the final phase of expanding Molson stadium be completed and how big will the stadium be once everything is said and done?

Should be ready for the 2008 from what I heard. Total seating will be up around 25,000. They also will be adding some coorporate boxes but I am not sure how many though.

Are they still going to use the Big O?

Not sure. They may still hold the last game of the regular season as well as a home playoff game there even after the expansion is completed. It is yet to be decided.

This is in French but it does have some interesting photos and drawing of the expantion plans

[url=] ... roject.pdf[/url]

i feel the als should stop playing the last game of the season at the big O and play a labourday game there instead, OR a midseason game...

it seems like the als playoff attendance is lacking, possibly because fans dont want to attend 2 back-to-back games at the big O.

what do others think about that?...should the als play at the big O the last game of the season or somewhere mid-season?

I think the lack of support during the playoff game had more to do with the stinker that they played at the Big O for their final home game. Then, to top it off, many players came out and said things like "Oh well, it wasn't an important game anyway." Kind of a slap in the face to the loyal fans who paid for tickets if you ask me.

So how often is the Big O booked anyway?
Once or twice a year?

There are 8 events between now and the end of the year

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I knew there was a resturant and observation room but I did not know there is a 181 seat Auditorium at the top of the tower

I think as long as the regular-season game is against an Eastern rival (ie, Toronto), the attendance will be good.

Interesting point about attending back-to-back games at the Big Owe, though ... maybe it is a factor (though it seems like a lame excuse to avoid a football game!).

Thanks for that (first) link, Ro, I liked looking thru the proposal the Als have put together. It sounded pretty solid to me, but then again I'm biased, and I also haven't heard the other side. I guess it doesn't matter, since it's going ahead anyway! My question is, since this will only bump capacity up to 25,000, do you think there's any possibility of adding even more seats later (ie, a Phase 3)? I'm asking you because I'm assuming you've been to Molson stadium more than I (I've only been once, and it wasn't during a football game, and I didn't sit in the stands or anything). Namely, the only places I could see where they might be able to add more seats would be the southeast corner, or a second tier on the North stands. I'm guessing that adding a second tier to the north side would go over poorly in the community, since it would "stick out" and (presumably) not be hidden by the trees. (Frankly, I think stadiums SHOULD stick out, as long as they look good anyway ... they shouldn't have to "hide"!) It looks like there's already some structure in the SE corner of the stadium (I remember walking by it, but I don't remember what it is). What are the possibilities of them putting stands in front of that? ie, would it block some hugely important view of the field from ... whatever that building is? Is there even any room to add seats there?,-73.580385&spn=0.003165,0.006984&t=k&om=1

Theres your expanding room on the north side

My bad, when I was asking about the SE corner, I actually meant the NE corner. My understanding is that there's a small stand going around the north end zone (continuing from the West stands), but that there will be a break in the stands at the NE corner. Then there are seats being added to the top of the East stands.
The south endzone has that McGill hospital, right? So I'm guessing there will never be seats there (fair enough). But what about the rest of the North endzone?

page 13 ,14, and 15 of ROs great link should answer your question.

[url=] ... roject.pdf[/url]

The Percival Molson Stadium expansion project is ongoing, with both the federal and provincial governments giving the green light to funding. All it needs now is the blessing of Montreal mayor Gérald Tremblay, and Alouettes president Larry Smith is hopeful it can all be approved by June 15, before the three levels of government go on their summer recesses. The Als would like to expand capacity of the venue to 25,000 given their strong season ticket base of 17,400. The Als currently have a waiting list of 2,000 people for additional season tickets.

Thought I heard that this expansion project would be completed for the 2010 season. Anyone else hear that or am I imagining things?

Thought I heard that this expansion project would be completed for the 2010 season. Anyone else hear that or am I imagining things?

the city approves it next month and it should be ready for next season.

I always thought the Als should play their home opener at the Big O. I've always felt the CFL teams don't exploit the "home opener" thing. I know Labour Day is king, but Opening Day should be a huge event!