Molson Stadium Expansion

Peoples and season ticket holder like me will never, never and never go back to the Big “O”. No offence but I don’t ask you to understand. You have to experience both place to realise that Persival Molson has that little thing that makes you say…never again !

Although it’s cool to have the last game and playoff there. But that is only because it gives a greater amount of people the chance to se the Als. As you may know the Als Ticket are the hotest ticket in town.

Fu… I can’t wait until 7:30 tonight !

Good season to all of you and pray no one gets really badly injured !

Als Fan

I’ve heard a lot of first hand stories about the big O, none of them good.

Apparently it’s massive, dark, cavernous, and cold to watch a game unless it’s packed to the rafters.

I’ve heard it would be like closing up Commonwealth Stadium with high walls and a partial roof that encloses the place in shade where the wind can swirl around and echo while you try and watch a football game in the distance.

Yeah it is most of those things, but the biggest reason not to return to the Big O is, once you’ve watched a game at Beautiful Molson Stadium, on the side of Mount Royal with Downtown Montreal in the backround, you never want to go to the toilet bowl again, except for soldout playoff games in freezing November.

I went to last year's game vs. Ottawa at the Big O. We were in the Upper Deck, 4th row, 20 yard line. You'd think these would be half decent seats...but I was so far away from the field I could barely make out the numbers. I've also been to Molson for a few games, and have to say its about 500% better place to watch a game.

Als Molson is right.
The bigO is a giant toilet bowl
Except that they can no longer lift the lid.
Now that I thing of it when the roof up up and in its holding position it actually looked like toilet paper comming off the roll.
I live within walking distance to the big O but I will take Molson Stat any day.

25 million? wow, that is the quebec unions for you. when they expaned taylor field in regina i was only 5 mil.

the same could be said about the big 'o' which cost 1 billion dollars! (check the link)

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i love going to games at mcgill though, i have 12 tix for the aug 4 game vs my hometown riders. sweet.


I know for a fact you can't demolish the Big O cuz it would cost too much and would churhs a subway under it, like what happen when the WTC collapses on 9/11/01 in NYC.

Plus, like NYC, it's a big part of the Montreal skyline, no?

I'd just like to see the Big O get used, now that the Expos are gone (reason why I called it a Giant Tombstone, Expos R.I.P.) who is goint to used it???

I imagine they will continue to have tradeshows and oher events.

Why don't they do what they did to the forum in montreal and turn it into a mall :slight_smile:

but then were would they hold the monster truck shows and porn conventions?

I read the posts about the Molson Stadium expansion. I do think it is wise to expand the stadium. The costs are a concern and should be. I believe the Montreal team can consistantly draw at or near 25,000 fans. I hope everything will work out for you guys up there in Montreal and all concerns addressed and taken care of. May football continue to grow in Montreal.

This is a project that should go ahead. Montreal is the nation's second largest city but much of the infrastructure is really starting to age. Remember the Big O is an albatross which is over 30 years old and practically falling apart. Last time I was there two years ago I couldn't believe how much it has deteriorated. 25$ mil is actually a bargain if they can do something with that facility at McGill

Montreal has a population of 3.5 million and will have no problem selling out the 25000 every game.
Thanks for your support.