Molson Stadium Expansion update

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The Montreal Alouettes have responded favourably to implementing solutions in response to the report issued by the Officer de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM). For example, issues of noise, lighting and public nuisance relating to the residents of Milton Park have and will continue to be addressed proactively by the football club. This represents a continuation of the Alouettes long standing tradition of working closely with the community.

The club’s President Larry Smith announced that the organization will also formally participate in creating a task force committee involving citizens in the local Milton Park area. “This recommendation is in keeping with the efforts that the Alouettes have made in the past to initiate and maintain a dialogue with the community and the OCPM acknowledges these efforts in its report.?

Mr. Smith reiterated the fact that the Alouettes’ project to expand the stadium to 25,000 seats has been on the table since 1999, that it is not a new project and that several major modifications to the PHASE II project have already been made even before the recent public consultations took place.

Sensitive to the issue of protecting the environment, the Alouettes are also currently studying additional options with respect to year-round measures to maintain the greenery in an effort to completely mask the visual impact of the new video board. The Alouettes will also continue to work closely with the City of Montréal and McGill University as they seek to implement solutions to issues raised by the report from the OCPM.

The modifications that have been implemented to the project by the Alouettes pursuant to the consultative process are a normal part of the progress of an expansion project for the Percival Molson Stadium.

In closing, Mr. Smith underscored the fact that the expansion project and the installation of a new video board are essential to the development of the club, and to the longevity of professional football in Montréal. “The Alouettes and Percival-Molson Stadium are closely tied to the history of Montréal and Mont-Royal, and it is our desire to perpetuate the football tradition in Montréal, as well as our privileged relationship with Montrealers,? he concluded.

Do ya think they can also add 5,000 or 10,000 more seats there?

I'm rooting for them.

im sure they could add more seats there...a second level to the endzone seats, but they wont, for some reason.

I think they should have seats around either endzone to create a "bowl" stadium. They will still sell out with 8,000 more seats.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I wish that Molson was about 35,000 or 30,000 seater, and that every CFL satdium should be at least 30,000 minumim.

I think it is really cool to have all those trees at the back of the endzone.

You dreamers can lay off that Bowl stadium project, because:

  1. It is already hard enough for them to get the appropriate support with their current project, which involves moving a few trees. A Bowl would require to take a swarm of trees out of there and... well.... people would not allow it.

  2. Adding 5000 to 8000 seats means putting a lot more bacon in the project. The Als still need to fin about 23 millions$ for their current project. An inflated estimated would just scare even more potential interest from our governments to chip in the pot.

Every city is different KK, what works in one city may not necessarily work in another. Maybe 25,000 seats is ok, I don't know, in one place and 40,000 in another, and 20,000 in yet another.

something just tells me that 25,000 isn't going to be enough, and that we will be talking about PHASE III after II in a few years or when ever II is finshed.

....I heard that the local neighbourhood is not so much opposed to the actual addition of seats but more opposed to additional events being held in the stadium to help defer the cost of those seats.....any truth to that?....

phase 3 will be a stadium in quebec-city...haha

hey, if they can build a 30,000 or more stadium while Montreal has a 25,000 one, go for it!

watching the Als in those 3rd jerseys last nite, they looked like a different team...not the me thinking...

would anyone object if an expansion quebec team shared molson stadium with the Als?...then some 3 years later got thier own stadium in Quebec-city, moved there and added the 'city' to the name quebec?

it happens in the NBA with the clippers and lakers sharing the staples center....( i think it happens in the NFL too? )

Jets and Giants shared a stadium too in the NFL. But both were officially from New York. I wonder what kind of bond people from Quebec City would have with a Quebec City team that plays in Montreal.

For Quebec City folks, Montreal is evil grounds.

no no, i mean a team that plays in montreal that goes by the name Quebec and represents the province...not QC....then after a few years and the eventual move to QC, add the 'city' to the name to make it quebec-city....

u follow?

imagine this team in black is Quebec and playin in molsons on a week in which the Als are on the could be the solution to adding a 9th team without goin to that 'sporting black hole' ottawa.

Hmmmm ... not a bad idea, drummer

give wettenhall 51% ownership of the team for $2 and give the rest of the CFL owners split ownership of the remaining 49%…

this way wettenhall can build the team up and theres no conflict with his Als…and he knows the quebec market already, and has connections to eventually land thier own stadium and he’ll beable to get more tv money from RDS/TSN…then the CFL can sell its 49% to someone else, and wettenhall, if he chooses can sell the other 51%

bad idea, Dgod, QC wouldn't support the team untill they came to QC, and Montreal wouldn't support it since they will be leaving, so they will not sell out the already undersized Molson stadium.

Plus, I really hate what the Giants/Jets and Lakers/Clippers are doing, since those citys have a better chance to win the champ than a city with only one team.