Molson Stadium Expansion Pic

well, Molson Stadium is comming along nicely!

It looks great. Here's a question...Did they have to take some seats away from the lower deck in order to build the upper deck on top of it? Because it looks a lot smaller than I remember.

It looks like there will be benches not seats eh

they might have taken away some of the lower deck seats only for access to build the upper deck, then im thinking they will replace the lower deck seats when they are done.

i read some comment that some luxury boxes might go in between the lower level and the upper deck.

so one of the two.

You know when its all said and done, with the new luxury suites on the other side as well. Molson stadium is going to be a really nice stadium, and the atmosphere is still going to be intimate and electric. Okay that sounded kind of lame...but its going to be pretty sweet.

Thanks DG, looking good.
We are all envious here in the big smoke of....what could have been!

Yeah too bad Toronto couldn't have expanded Varsity Stadium. I loved going to games there.

I feel like that Tower of Pisa sculptor from Superman III. Yes I went there. Does anyone know where I can find pics/concepts of the completed stadium? Will this upgrade be done in time for the season start?

[url=;] ... ium_47113;[/url] yes.

Had a blonde moment. Thought that read McMahon Stadium, which I have been modeling. Clearly, it's time to start celebrating St Patty's day. Or maybe I have already partied too much. Hmmm...

Very nice to see Molson get an overhaul.

11 rows were removed to make way for the upper deck seating.

Thanks. I thought it looked smaller.

agreed - but I can't hlep but think it's funny that everyone slagged BMO Field for it's construction and what we see going in at Molson is exactly the same thing.....

anyway - Good for Montreal... lets see if the Argos can get themselves in gear.

alpha, more like let's see if Toronto can get themselves in gear for the Argos. Cynamon and Sokolowski didn't have a clue what they wanted to do. And TFC really had nothing to do with BMO as a team, it was the CSA getting the under 20's there and the city of Toronto and the province building a stadium for the team with a bit of money MLSE as well after the fact. :wink:

Can’t wait until Week 4 :cry: ! Home opener!!

Is the week 4 home opener to accommodate the completion of the construction?

If so, where is Montreal playing their preseason home game? Olympic Stadium?

Yes, although I'm pretty sure the plan is to have them ready for the start of the season. The pushback on the home opener is just caution.

If so, where is Montreal playing their preseason home game? Olympic Stadium?
This is a good question and one that I hadn't thought of.

I know it won't happen, but really they should have played the game in Quebec City.

that would have been great.