Molson Sponsorship

It’s been anounced Molson is a key sponsor to the Cats this year?

I think that’s great news from a business standpoint.

Shame about the crappy beer selection at IWS getting crappier though.

Crappier (if I can say the word)…than Labatt?


Chocolate and Vanilla I guess.

i think its great! thats my beer:D

I love Molson Canadian and coors thats my beer but lets look at the Fact Labatts now owns Lakeport which could have brought easily lakeport cheaper $ beer into our stadium and help support our local economy.

Well, if I was the owner of the Cats, you don't give it to a company that is not as aggresive as another company just to support your local economy. Labatt's should have anted up or else, bye bye.

Sorry, it's all pee in a bottle to me.

True, expensive pee at that. But to a beer drinker, it's golden all the way! Speaking of, does Molson still brew Golden, it was an ale me thinks. :?

I always wonder about that myself , Molson Golden commercials were the best !!!!

wasn't budweiser the ticats sponsor awhile back?

labbatts has been the sponsor the last few years which brews bud in canada

molson $ucks bring back BUD!!!

Molson is better beer than Labatt's, in my opinion. So I'm happy.

And yes, Molson still brews and sells Golden.

molson cases sold in the hamilton area should have a ticat t-shirt inside...and possibly win a pair of tickets...stuff like that would be real cool for promoting the team and the beer.

cat fans would buy the beer for the shirt, and people who buy molsons would wear the free shirt, thus, promoting the ticats when they go out wearing the shirt.

and winning free tickets goes along way at making new fans.

Maybe Labatt's is just going to concentrate on Bud and NFL type marketing, which I think has been fairly successful for the company in southern Ontario. Maybe that's why they didn't push too hard for this deal.

Can't say I'm a big fan of Molson's Canadian, but their other brands are alright with me. I think that this move has a more important implication than the beer we drink on gameday, though: it's stability. We now have a major sponsor other than Rona to help share some of the economic load.

"Tiger-Cat fans will be tapping into Molson Canadian when the Tiger-Cats kick off their 2007 season on Friday, June 22 against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers."

Notice in the above quote from the press release the word "tapping".
That can only mean good old crappy draft.
At the prices the team charges they could at least serve cans or why not plastic bottles, like they use in the states.

I think your taking the play on words a little too seriously!

Who knew making a post for the purpose of knocking crappy beer would warrant so many responses?

Well done :thup:

Instead of selling Molson Export at Ticat games, maybe they could offer a couple of custom CFL brews on game days: Molson Import and Molson Non-Import.

Wow! What a role-reversal!
We're going places!

We've got Molson as a sponsor and Frank D'Angelo is now the title sponsor of Toronto's CART race.... who could've predicted THAT a few short years ago?!