MOJO Radio gone!

So now MOJO (or whatever they want to call it now) will be able to give us the traffic reports when we are heading to a game, but won't be able to tell us anything about the game itself :cry:

As a resident of Victoria, I'm REALLY ticked off about this. We have a radio station here at AM1070 , and so somehow the signal from 1040 is weakened in Victoria, and I can only get it clearly enough to listen to on my car radio at a few locations in the city. At home, I can't get it at all, although I've heard rumors that I can hear the broadcast on the internet. I'll check that out, although I'm not familiar with the station at all for the reason mentioned above.

I have no idea if the CRTC has anything at all to do with the format change, but what has happened in Victoria now is that one of my programming choices no longer exits. There are NO sports radio stations that come in clearly. Even the Seattle station I used to listen to for NBA and NFL news doesn't come in clearly anymore for some reason.

Sad, sad day for those of us in the Capital City :cry:

I don't think the CRTC has much say on Commercial AM radio programming, particularly in a multi-station market. As long as they somehow meet their local programming commitment I think they can do pretty much whatever they want with format on AM.

IMO, no great loss if MOJO is gojo.

I agree with you, I never listened to Mojo so its no great loss to me either. But you had to expect that one of the two all sports radio stations in Vancouver would eventually die off. With the BC Lions being on Team 1040 you have to expect that it would be Mojo to go gonzo.

FYI, yesterday the BC Lions announced a 5 year extension with Team 1040 to carry the games.

I heard that as well, all the way through 2010.

I'm not a huge sports fan, in fact, most sports bores me to sleep (baseball, basketball), or pisses me off (hockey, playing hockey in June?), but I really enjoy watching the CFL, and sometimes the NFL. I guess it's because I played football as a kid.

hwgill and cdwood, I might agree with you as well that if MOJO is gone, no big deal as long as TEAM1040 is still there.

BUT, in Victoria, we can't pick up 1040 clearly enough to listen to it regularly. Full of hisses and crackles and static all the time. So MOJO was my only sports station fix. :frowning:

I need some love and sympathy here :roll:

Is 1040 available on cable?

All is not lost though, you can still hear the Lions games on the radio in Victoria, I went to the Lions website and it lists CFAX 1070AM as the radiobroadcast partner in Victoria.

realist man u are missing out not gettin 1040 over in Victoria.... GREAT station... and GREAT Lions pregame and postgame shows also on THE TEAM... I feel for you man