Mohawk College advertisement in today's Spec

Ok, maybe I'm being picky or overly sensitive but on the back page of the 1st section in todays Spec, Mohawk has a full page ad that features a little boy as part of the ad and he is dressed in a New York Jets jersey. I'm thinking perhaps he should be in a TiCat jersey or would that be showing some sort of favouritism towards a local company which Mohawk can't do, conflict of interest type of thing?
As I say, maybe I'm just being a bit too sensitive on this and looking for something that isn't there.

I'm with you on this one!

It's a no brainer.

Mohawk may have used a stock photo from a commercial file though.

It's probably a stock photo, but your reaction proves how a local shot with local ties would have been more effective.

while on the topic of being picky, why cant the new ti-cat site have a highlite video on the main page like the stamps do?...check it out for yourself and tell me u arent jealous.


I don’t know if jealous is the word I’d use but I certainly am impressed without a doubt.

It is definately effective to grab someones attention somewhat like the one on the Toronto Blow Jays website. Downside is it would become repetitive very very very quickly unless the GSA were to continually rotate the video.

I'm not jealous. I'm afraid that, to me, it's just annoying.

I come for the chat. I want a superfast loading (and I'm on broadband).

For me the chant is, "Skip the clip."


I like it. Even the music that went with it is cool.

It's got my vote... :thup: