Moe Petrus where are you?

Does anyone know where our draft pick is on a practice roster? By the way beyond my slavish loyalty to the team that OB created....frankly the kid is smart for finding shelter..and avoiding this shambles

8) Petrus is on no ones practice roster, since he was released by the Tampa Bucs in August.
  I attended the East/West Shrine game in St. Petersburg in January, in which Petrus played.

  Of all the NFL coaches and scouts I talked to about him at that time, none of them were very high on his talents.

  They all basically said he would never make an NFL roster !!!

   But I am sure he could crack a CFL roster....especially in Hamilton !! <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Definitely need him to report to camp ....

... Marwan is done. Nice career all in all. Time to move on.

Petrus? Petrus? Anyone .... Petrus?