Moe Petrus retiring?

It appears Centre More Petrus is putting his pro football career on hold (before it started) to work at a California Entertainment firm.
Hopefully Marwan has a couple years left in the tank.

[b]Drew Edwards The news wasn't as good regarding the Ticats top pick in the 2011 draft, however. Offensive lineman Moe Petrus, who was taken 10th overall by the Ticats two years ago, has decided to put his football career on hold.

A native of St. Laurent, Quebec, Petrus played his college football at the University of Connecticut as a centre and was drafted by the Ticats after his junior year as another so-called futures pick. After his final season with the Huskies, the 6-foot-3, 302 pound Petrus signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL but was a late training camp cut.

After failing to catch on with another NFL club, Petrus reportedly went to work with TEI Entertainment, a California-based firm owned by his father-in-law John McEntee. The company provides celebrity entertainment for private and corporate events and works with a number of high profile performers including Rod Stewart, Kelly Clarkson, Elton John and Snopp Dogg.
Petrus was married to Melissa McEntee – the sister of a former college teammate – in March and the two are now living in California.[/b]

Ouch. We'll never see him.

Is it just my perception, or do we have the worst luck with our draft picks?

Next we'll have one of them selected for that Mission to Mars. (Better a draft pick than Canada's Smartest PersonTM, though.)

Signed two yesterday.

Everybody's draft history is full of hits and misses, everybody's.
HAM's are higher profile because it coincides with the relatively recent trend of CIS prospects trying NFL.

Time to quit worrying about who may or never will be with the Ticats and supporting and working with those who are here!

Dame, I was ready to call him Moe Pet. :cowboy:

As much is this is a tough luck situation for the Ti-Cats, I'm afraid this says something about the disparity between the size of the paycheck in the NFL and the CFL.

Moe was willing to try out for the NFL, but when he didn't make it, he didn't even give the CFL a chance. I'm sure there may be other factors at play here (possibly his wife did not want to leave LA to come to Canada), but I believe if things were attractive enough, Moe would have tried out for the Cats.

Money talks!!


If you married Hollywood money would you move to Hamilton to take shots in the nogs for 46 000 a year ? When you draft guys that age a year and a half ahead of time things like this happen.

I said a few months ago that Petrus was done with football. You would have to make him one of the highest paid linemen in the CFL, which isn't happening.

The guy was like the 10th pick overall ? obviously, they saw, like a lot of other teams, some risk and threw the dice anyway. Like drafting Jesse Palmer , it was worth a shot.