Moe Khan says Bob Slowik is no longer the DC; Barron Miles assumes DC duties

Wow! Who are the Als going to get to replace him?

I would say Khari Jones' buddy Barron Miles would be the favorite. DeVone Claybrooks' is available if the team does not mind spending more for an assistant.

Herb Zurkowsky has since confirmed the coaching change. I am guessing the team just finished paying off Stowik's salary for 2020 and with his contract expiring at what would have been the end of the season, the team decided to go in a different direction.

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I think Barron Miles would be a good choice. Nothing wrong with Khari taking somebody that he trusts. Thanks for the heads up. Go Als

Agree ... important for OC/DC to be on the same page as the HC


Really happy that Slowik has been replaced by Miles!


Barron is also best friends with Anthony Calvillo, which makes one wonder how long it will be before Maciocia brings back AC.

Hopefully, at least a couple of seasons to allow him to further develop coaching skills in a more appropriate milieu.