Does this site have mods? The vimax thread has been on here for 3 days.

Been wondering that myself???

Maybe it is off-season for the Mods as well. Hopefully their TC opens soon and we get back to 'normal' as 'abbie normal' is not a good place to be.


It could also be that this is a very busy time of year for management, getting ready for the new season. And I think the mods on this forum are all Ticat management, right?

Recently, I had to do some necessary work on my computer thanks to spammers who got into the system. In doing so, I lost the entire Ticat Chat Line. A computer expert as well as myself worked hard to get it back and failed. so I tried to re enlist.
When this attempt also failed, I phoned the mods and received only a message saying they would get back to me. It never happened and this wasn't the first time.
Eventually, I worked out the problem on my own, but the site now appears much smaller on my screen. I have been unable
to solve this problem as well, but rather than going through the aggravation of trying to raise someone to help from the Ticat
end, I will tolerate this inconvenience.
At least (and no thanks to them) I have the site, such as it is.

Vimax, 6 days and counting. Doesn't Bob Young, himself, review this site. Hello, anyone home?