Mods increase Security for GC Posting Week order for all to enjoy the forums over the next week we at teh Homeland Mod Security Office will begin alias-profiling new posters to try to stem the onslaught of the recent 'suicide posting' scourge we have all been subjected to recently.......

........the suicide poster is typically a brand new contributor, usually acquiring their access security password the same day they carry out their act of extreme posting, they arrive in the forum looking just like any one of us, then before we know what has happened they post a contentous and vile piece of prose whose sole purpose if to cause riot and havoc amongst the forumites.......once the evil deed has been unleashed they disappear never to be heard from again....

......spotting these posting villians is not easy, so diligence and caution must be employed, our intelligence agencies have only been able to provide us with this information thus far:

......the posters name will always be in lower case and will feature strung-together series of words to form a rather long name, such as:





hughcampbellisgodandhewillspendwhateverhedamnwellpleases not be fooled by similar names like disciplineandpunish or roughyfan...these are legitimate's tough I know but we can stop this madness together.......


R&W, you seem to have only used one team for your examples..... co-incedence? I think not.... :slight_smile:

Probably because it's only one team's fans crawling out of the woodwork now that said team has made it to the Grey Cup. I personally like all the conflict, adds a little spice to what will be a rather long and arduous week waiting for the big game.

what kind of lame bullis this consperacy????

esks own yor stampeders we trashed you in the final last week and WE WILL BRINGING THE CUP HOME NEXT WEEK!!!!!


esks by 24

well that's either freaky fore-shadowing by R&W, or somebody got themselves a new username and un-learned english really quick to post that last one. :slight_smile:

I think somebody called R&W's bluff...

you know jebus, you were online..... then off for a bit..... after that was posted, I see you're back.... hmmmmmmm.... :wink:

then again, I'm probably about as good of a detective as Clouseau was in the pink panther movies. If that.....

And, quite coincidentally, EskJebus and that new angry poster use the same URL... hmmm....

and that's why third's a much better detective than I am, he actually checks things that I don't even know you can check..... or have any idea how you would do such a thing :slight_smile:

I don't know what you are talking about.

I do post under a different name, though...


i knew she was too crazy to be real.

So the grammar errors etc. are to just throw us all off then? Very crafty, yes, I see now......

By URL third, do you mean IP??

Hey R&W....A classic example!


R&W, with the recent flood of Trash talkers, your idea is looking better and better each day!

......although I'm taking on a soft spot in my heart for this StephenMandel character....go steve go, tell them esks to check their underwear.........

Keep your eyes open for Stillers as well
last reported to be a mouth breathing knuckle dragger

I think this StephenMandel character is actually…RedandWhite’s evil alter ego. No, wait, hear me out on this one. First of all, the allusion to the Edmonton Mayor. I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that no one in Montreal is even aware of who Edmonton’s mayor is. But someone from Calgary would probably be aware of that. Then you have the fact that RedandWhite is a fan of Calgary, mortal enemies to the Eskimos. And lastly, RedandWhite is just too plain nice. No one can be that nice all the time. But he’s been so nice around here for so long, he can’t just start ripping into other teams, so he creates an alter ego to do it. And he’s so bold about it, he’s even referring to him in his latest post. Very clever Mr. White, very clever indeed!!!