Modest Turkeybend Power Rankings


[b]In reverse order to soothe the psyche of the not so fortunate teams struggling in the early season prior to Labour Day.

  1. Ottawa Redblacks- coming on strong for second half of the season. May change name back to RoughRiders for last boost heading towards playoffs.
  2. Montreal Alouettes- Primed for playoff run. Everything appears to be in sync except coaching.
  3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats- need only Angelo Mosca to shore up the defence to be a Grey Cup contender.
  4. Toronto Argonauts- best fans in the CFL best city in the country, best mayor in the universe.
  5. B.C. Lions- THe lions play more like Sasquatches- curious creatures who are shy, timid ones who prefer life at night not in the daylight.
  6. Calgary Stampeders- a city that builds a building looking like a saddle, earns billions selling oil, has a zoo next to the homeless area not surprisingly treats its fans after a touchdown by viewing the arse of a horse.
  7. Winnipeg Blue Bombers- like the Norsemen in medieval times, the Bombers raid the prairies province of Saskatchewan for quality football players ( e.g. Willy) to remain competitive but it is never enough.
  8. Edmonton Eskimos- Once dubbed the City of champions, sadly the Eskimos have become green with Rider envy by slipping down the standings in recent years as though they played on a slippery oil patch.
  9. Saskatchewan Roughriders- A provincial education program which threw out the 'new math' taught in schools has enabled a population and football team to count correctly to 12! Hence, another Grey Cup run is emminent. :rockin: 8) :smiley: :cowboy: [/b]