Modern Family

Season 3 episode 7 or 8 'after the fire'

Ed O'Neil is watching a football game. Playin is our Hamilton TigerCats. Has a close up of #12 I thought it was Kerrigan but I don't know if he played at this time

What other #12's played qb for us?

To describe the uniform it looks fairly moderen. small yellow strip on a black helmet with the cats logo. Black jersey black pants with a solid yellow line running down the sides of both pants and jersey. Numbers are on the top shoulder in solid yellow and a logo on the sleeve. Can't make out what it is. Looks to be a yellow pinstripping that goes through chest between the numbers and logo on shoulder/sleeve and under name.

Maybe Porter??!


He was unlucky #13 wasn't he? And the unis weren't that modern

It was 100% Porter as you can see from this photo and your description of the uniform. My guess would be either the "09" or "10" season that I recall them wearing this colour pattern but I could be wrong and off by a year or two.

Bobo you're the man. That's exactly the uniforms

I was pretty excited to see our Cats on TV, pretty cool. The wife wasn't as excited when I woke her up to share the moment though

Oskie, that is awesome thanks

with all the choices for football in the US they pick the CFL? is there a law preventing them from using NFL or College?

Copyright law. TV shows can't rebroadcast footage they don't own without permission from whoever own the rights (unless they want to risk getting sued by the rights holder). Often, getting that permission costs money, and typically it's cheaper for them to use footage licensed from the CFL rather than the NFL or NCAA.

thanks, it really must be a lot cheaper considering it was just one episode for a split second.

I don't know how these kinds of deals are structured, but it could be part of a larger package that gets licensed for multiple potential use in multiple productions, kind of like how publishing companies can pay for access to a library of "rights-cleared" photos without negotiating for each use.

Season 5 episode 12 I'm renaming it to the episode that made me stop lovin the show. They showed a lot more of the argos than they did our Cats. Grrrrrrrrr