Modern Family

Jay was watching a Ticat game on tonight"s episode. Just caught a glimpse of Quinton Porter.

Love that show! Recording it on the PVR and will watch it tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads up!

Saw a clip of a Ticats Arblows game on CSI a few weeks ago. it was being shown on a tv in the background.

And I saw a Montreal Alouettes poster on a wall in an episode of 30 Rock, and laughed after hearing that it was signed by Marc Trestman:

And did anyone shout "put Glenn in!" after seeing that? :wink:

To my recollection, there was a TiCat banner on the wall of a Lauren Bacall movie that she filmed in Hamilton years back.

always exciting to see things like that.

I got a big kick out of the The League, an American comedy about fantasy football, when one of the characters who doesnt know anything about the NFL tries to draft Joffrey Reynolds, from the Calgary Stampeders`.

Brokeback Mountain, the Thanksgiving Day game scene featured the 1977 Grey Cup... :lol:

Kramer from Seinfeld wouldn't go the the Superbowl with Jerry because he only watched Canadian football :rockin:

They also showed a clip from an Argos-Cats game on The League a few weeks ago.

Gosh, there's something to be proud of.

The reality is the modern family is not pro-creating sufficiently to sustain our modern society. There will be huge socio-economic issues here soon and in Europe before that. National debt is the tip of the iceberg.

However, it is cool to see the American entertainment industry throwing a bone to our league. For whatever its worth.

i could be mistaken, but i think it's cuz you can't show any NFL without paying for it. Not sure about NCAAF

Well then that would explain a few things. Apparently, you can't play "Happy Birthday" on tv or movie without payment to whoever holds the copyright.

December 5 2011 episode of Two and a Half Men... Jake and Allen watching big screen... Ticats - Argos game is on. Cats on D deep in Argo territory.

Could this be a marketing scheme by CTV (who own/facilitate TSN?) Most of the recent CFL sightings appear to be on shows carried on CTV.

Modern family is on City TV a Rogers station.
Saying that both CTV and City TV have nothing to do with the actual show they are just paying for the rights to air them.

Is it possible that this is a tailored product placement, where each broadcaster has the ability to place logos or, in this case, a TV show, in specific locations on-screen, similar to a green-screen projection? Sort of a higher-tech version of those billboard ads you see on NFL game broadcasts. Anybody watch these shows on a direct US feed?

No. The image was on for about two seconds, it was barely noticeable on the screen, only CFL fans would even realize it was a CFL game and Rogers (owner of the Cdn rights-holder Citytv) does not have any reason to embed a CFL screen image into MF.

Well in the case of Brokeback Mountain, the '77 Grey Cup was mentioned in the end credits. I believe they paid for the rights, they just didn't pay through the nose...

A Hamilton game against Toronto also appeared briefly in the background of a scene on Blue Bloods recently. Is this the new Wilhelm scream? :wink:

I suspect you've nailed it right there. And they may be using Ticat-Argho games because at a quick glance, it might look like a Steelers-Giants game?

There are quite a number of Canadians working in the film and tv industry south of the border, maybe they are just having some fun and sneaking these little snippets in trying to catch our attention! :smiley: